Navy slipped faulty submarine

Navy "slipped" faulty submarine

As said the newspaper "Izvestia". New submarines with improved control system it designed "Sevmash" for the Russian Navy under Project 955 "Borey", cause distrust among submariners. First tests the same way, "Alexander Nevsky" — a nuclear submarine — revealed a lot of punch. Although representatives of the "Sevmash" assure that they are already eliminated, divers are still afraid of boats on which they found 10's thousands of large and small gaps.

— A brand new digital system so crude that it is dangerous to work with. Recent tests have documented hundreds of running system failures. What if it happens in a fight? — Comments representative fleet.

For its part representative manufacturer, who built not only the "Alexander Nevsky", and the first representative of the "Northwind" — "Yuri Dolgoruky", assured that the shortcomings of the system were removed, while before started running tests.

— On a submarine "Dolgoruky" debugging of the system took 4 months to "Nevsky" — only 2 weeks. During the option of boat engines have problems or failures, a failure can occur only due to the mismatch of data modes that are eliminated in working order.

He recalled that the submarine "Northwind" first in Russia osnasheny digital control systems, up to now control the submarine carried analog systems. In the design and manufacture of digital control components were involved in 10's design offices and companies.

— Of course, it is unrealistic, starting from scratch, it is to debug the system. We made the first step, we spend debugging, configuration, thorough job. After its completion the new boat will have absolutely established systems — added the manager of "Sevmash".

This year, the United Shipbuilding Company, which is located in the "Sevmash" and the Ministry of Defence could not agree on the price of boats than the state defense order was disrupted. Because back in July, Vladimir Putin has been entrusted to quickly do away with the signing of all documents. The deadline for the final transfer of the fleet "corrected" submarine "Nevsky" is scheduled for December.

Representatives of the Navy convinced that the premise of defects became a habit shipbuilders to work with a fixed boat, while in the process of having its motion causes that can not always be mathematically calculated. In addition, the belief in the fleet by the developers are unlikely to have to manage the submarine. The military came in bewilderment, having ascertained the lack of control in the wheelhouse of the window to browse or litsezrev very a narrow door in giropost. Porthole embedded, extended door.

Representative Project — Design Bureau "Rubin" — believes that "Nevsky" moved those deficiencies which have got "Yury Dolgoruky", because it was constructed on the body of another submarine, K-333 "Lynx", which was never built.

— Project "Northwind" three times had to go through a redesign for 3 different weapon systems: first rocket to D-31, D-on for 19UTTH "Bark", and later for the "Bulava". Slowed down the process and the difficulty of the test of the latter, — they say the designers.

"Alexander Nevsky" laid in the spring of 2004 at the "Sevmash" project 09550 under the name of K-550. He was due to be launched in the past year, and this — is to be part of the Navy. Its construction is estimated at 23 billion rubles: 9,000,000,000 cost in R & D and $ 14 billion pulled herself building.

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