Nazca lines — ritual signs?

December 10, 2012 20:39

The first results of the most detailed studies of two British archaeologists Nazca lines — the mysterious drawings created from about 2100 to 1300 years ago in the Peruvian desert — were published in the journal «Antiquity».

The winding and worn path, crossing the desert, as if having a functional purpose, are very different from the arrows and lines, geometric shapes, which seem likely to have spiritual and ritual purposes. Perhaps we believe that the real value of some of these images of the desert was in their creation, and not in any subsequent use of the physical. Says — Dr Nick Saunders (Saunders).

In the five-year study, Dr Nicholas Saunders of the University of Bristol, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, and Professor Clive Ruglis (Ruggles) from the University of Leicester have been 1500 miles of desert in southern Peru, tracing lines and geometric shapes, created by people Nasca between 100 g . BC and 700 AD.

Ever since they were discovered in the 1920s, intricate ancient paintings of the desert — a palimpsest — attracted many researchers and any theory, ostensibly to explain, in particular, strange ideas of Erich von Däniken, which suggests that the signs caused visit these places aliens.

Dr Saunders and Professor Ruglis combined experience and knowledge gained by walking on the lines, learning designers superimposed layers, photographing related ceramics and using digital satellite maps to the most detailed study of all the data.

They found the new design to complex set of mazes, "hidden" in the landscape. Invisible to the naked eye in its entirety, the only way by which it could be recognized — go all the way to 4.4km, are not oriented in the direction by changing the start and end of the helical structures.

They studied the integrity of many lines and shapes, and suggest that after 1500, often well-preserved contours of these faces are evidence against the theory that the crowds of people and animals were here in the direction of the ancient center of pilgrimage Kahuachi (Cahuachi) in the neighboring valley of Nazca.

Dr. Saunders repeated the line had no practical purpose, most likely, the spiritual and ritual purposes.

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