Nearly 13,000 hectares of forest burning in Siberia

Forest conservation service in Siberia for the past day were able to eliminate 82 of the earlier discovered and forest fires on an area of 5.7 thousand hectares, but the situation in a number of regions still remains challenging — on Thursday morning, the area around the existing centers of almost 13,000 hectares, according to District Department of Forestry.

"The Siberian Federal District operates 93 forest fires in the area of 12.856 thousand hectares, including 14 large an area of 7.849 thousand hectares," — said in a statement.

Wednesday morning there were 90 forest fires in the area of 11.356 thousand hectares, including 15 large an area 5.382 thousand hectares

The most difficult situation is stored in the Krasnoyarsk region. Despite the fact that a day in the region managed to eliminate 27 forest fires in the area of 4.785 thousand hectares, the number of outbreaks and the area continues to grow. In the region there are 51 forest fire in the square 7.697 thousand hectares, of which seven large area on 5.598 hectares. Localized currently 17 fires in the square 1.177 thousand hectares, including one large one.

On fighting forest fires in the province involved 928 people, 93 pieces of equipment, 21 air board. Wednesday arrived here 100 paratroopers from the fire department of the Federal Reserve. Emergency mode is entered in the ten regions.

Tuva-established dry and hot weather again increases the natural fires. Today in the region are 17 fires in the area of 2.928 hectares. As noted by the Department, the increase in fire severity is Pii-Khem, Tandinskom Todzha areas and in remote areas. To extinguish fires in the region runs 227, 24 units of fire engines, five aircraft. This including paratroopers from the Federal Reserve. The republic's government has again turned to the FFA with requests for more than a hundred people from the Federal Reserve to help stabilize the forest fire situation.

Throughout the republic continues to operate emergency mode.

In the Irkutsk region were 14 forest fires in the area of 929 hectares. A fire occurred in Buryatia, in an area of 10 hectares.

In Western Siberia, still, most of all wood burning in the Tomsk region. To date, the region recorded seven forest fires on the area of 1.234 hectares.

Two more focus on the area of 56 hectares registered in the Republic of Altai.

The Office notes that the threats settlements and economy in the area do not.

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