Nekljaev not want debates led Prokop

Potential presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu said Liberty, which, in his opinion, the debate between the presidential candidates, which will be held in the Belarusian television should maintain a leading independent authorities.

"I'm not for that I would not engage in a debate with so-called Prakopau moderator "- says Nekljaev.

"So far, little is known, and all of this at the level of speculation, but it seems that does not take into account the views of candidates, those people, and who should take part in the debates, "- said Nekljaev. He explained that until rejects the very possibility of participate in the televised debates between the candidates. "If I am registered as a candidate for the presidency, it will be offering their own versions of the format of such a transfer," — said Nekljaev.



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