Nekljaev — Vilnius Sannikov — in Moscow, Romanchuk — Stockholm

Potential presidential candidates from the opposition held today in foreign travel, as well as on the picket lines, which continues to collect signatures.

Member of the race Nyaklyayeu, while in Vilnius, learned about the warning is issued CEC of his initiative group. In the capital of Lithuania, Mr. Nekljaev met with leaders and students of the European Humanities University. Tomorrow he will visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr. Nekljaev noted that even going to cancel the trip to go to a meeting of the CEC. However, the team felt that "objectively guilty look is not necessary, and all do their business." He said he did not agree with the charges that the Central Election Commission has put forward:

"I can not imagine someone from our initiative group, which would throw himself into the fire that with such efforts made by us in recent times. Especially since we have already collected one hundred thousand, and we can not even campaigning in which they accuse us. This is not in our interests. We will, for its part, to prevent anything that might cause a withdrawal from participation in the presidential campaign. But predicting what may come up, too, power is not easy. "

Meanwhile, members of the initiative group of Mr. Neklyaeva held in Minsk press conference at which he talked about how there is a collection of signatures. They reported that they collected one hundred thousand is not put into the election commissions and are now in the "internal control". Also collected about 30,000 signatures in support of Vladimir Neklyaeva delegate to the All-Belarusian Assembly. After the press conference, all went to the building of the CEC, which addressed issues relating to the work of the initiative group. After the meeting, the audience came Chief of Staff Andrey Dmitriev:

"On Monday we will bring Lidiya Yarmoshyna complaint against the initiative group of Lukashenka. There will be fixed, people collecting signatures on pickets without licenses, collecting signatures during working hours at the workplace, and that makes people give signatures across the country. And let Mr. Rad'kov responsible as I am today, the questions. But not the ones that just taken for granted, and those for which there is evidence. "

Andrei Sannikov Radio Liberty reported that today in Moscow. He took part in a roundtable discussion about relations between Russia and Belarus in the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A potential candidate for the UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk goes on a visit to Stockholm at the invitation of Minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt.

"There will be a meeting, which will be not only the ministers of foreign affairs, but also the prime minister of Lithuania."

The candidate of the Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou supposed to take part in one of the programs of the Russian First Channel, but record

suddenly canceled.

"Previously it was an invitation, like a talk show, where would be invited, and the other contenders. But something went there and asked for forgiveness, called late at night."

Vitaly Rymashevski with BCD today met with volunteers and visited the pickets in Minsk. He also took part in a roundtable discussion in defense of the Protestant church "New Life". Of the invited applicants for candidacy for the presidency in the event came just Vitaly Rymashevski. The other contenders, however, promised to support received treatment at a round table:

"The result of this discussion was the adoption by reference to the European institutions, the Belarusian authorities with a statement of the right to freedom of conscience, and in this case, a call to guarantee this right for all citizens of Belarus."

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