Neonelektro first Finnish company is the production of outdoor advertising in Russia

  • Neonelektro first Finnish company is the production of outdoor advertising in Russia
  • Neonelektro first Finnish company is the production of outdoor advertising in Russia

Neonelektro first Finnish company is the production of outdoor advertising in RussiaNeonelektro a group of companies in Hungary (Budapest), Russia (St. Petersburg), the parent company is based in Finland (Neonelektro). Production capacity and unique, modern technology allows us to work in the other Nordic countries and cities of Russia.

Neonelektro first Finnish company is the production of outdoor advertising in Russia.The company has been successfully operating throughout the territory of Finland and entered the market for advertising services in Russia. 8 June 2012 registered a subsidiary of «Neonelektro».

  Our Mission is to develop and implement ideal solutions for corporate clients for a minimum period and with minimal costs. Create an ad full production cycle, which will successfully implement promotional projects of varying difficulty. Employees have their specialization in general form one of the best tool for advertising tasks. A team of experts will provide a quick and detailed program design advertising individually for each query in St. Petersburg, across the North-West region, and the cities of Russia, as well as provide the best prices in the market and the European quality of finished advertising structures.

  • Milling Machine
  • Milling Machine

Operating Principles

Own production facilities and professional staff allow «Neonelektro» implement all types of light and the light of promotional products, offer the best prices on the European market and the quality of the finished advertising structures.

Big plans of Neonelektro intended to assist the Russian consumer, giving him a high-quality, high-tech and advanced products in the manufacture of outdoor advertising. The company hopes that a wide range of customers for a long time waiting for a reliable and high quality services provided by the company Neonelektro and will be glad to form a sheet of Russian customers. The main strategy to market the Russian consumer to cover a wide segment of customers by organizing and setting up a complete production cycle in the territory of Russia. Capacity own capacity and adaptability to meet current trends and desires of customers. 

The general principles applicable to all countries in which the company operates. The company is both Finnish and international company. Many international treaties and regulations affect the operation of the company and the group companies Neonelektro. Our basic obligations entered into in the general principles of corporate responsibility. Our responsibility worldwide. In our work and actions, we are guided by the general principles and policies. They lie at the heart of our work in all the countries where we operate. Basic principles and policies of the company listed below.

  • Making letters of aluminum
  • Making letters of aluminum

The company has already attained a constant customer base by providing high-quality, safe and fast service advertising. The company's customers know the highest quality of service and come to us again and again, not wanting to change the advertising campaign.

For the first few months of the Russian company has already achieved very impressive results. Among her clients from the cities of Russia: Usinsk, Rostov-on-Don, City of St. Petersburg, Leningrad region: UAB PG "Promindustria», «Tikkurila», «Konekesko" hypermarket «PRISMA», «K-Routh "" K Ruoka "and many others.

Using the latest unique Finnish technology company, to develop and implement engineering solutions will enable the company to achieve better results in the production of advertising all over their activities and ensure the highest quality at moderate prices.

The company offers the manufacture of indoor and outdoor advertising

The architectural and interior lighting


 Outdoor advertising,



Advertising production,

Installation of outdoor advertising.

Along with the main activities of the company is expanding its interests in related fields: telecommunications, wireless, IP — technology, automation and control systems, life support systems and processes of different types of objects (industrial, commercial and residential complexes, logistics terminals, etc.).

  • The guillotine and bending machine for sheet metal
  • The guillotine and bending machine for sheet metal

The production capacity of the company Neonelektro in St. Petersburg are more than 700 sq.m.

Production is equipped with a variety of machine tools, allowing to quickly and accurately produce any type of outdoor advertising on their own and without the involvement of third-party services such as milling cutting, cutting and bending sheet metal rolled products, paint products. Part of the company's employees were trained at the head office in Finland, all of the company's employees participate in workshops on the organization of labor and production processes, and enhancement of cultural production.

The company offers some of the technology solutions that can improve the quality of outdoor advertising your company without a significant increase in cost, as follows:

— As elements of the light use of LED backlight modules EPISTAR
(Made in Korea) with a scattering angle of 160 degrees, providing high-quality and uniform illumination.
— Manufacture of metal-bearing structures (frames used in light boxes and friezes) of aluminum (it facilitates design of the complete absence of corrosion).

— The use of own production profiles for light boxes, volumetric light letters made of sheet aluminum on our equipment (the one hand it reduces the cost of manufacturing products, and when used in letters, increases the strength of the products with respect to made of plastic or PVC profile ALS).

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