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December 10, 2011 3:49

Deviation of an entirely different order to learn a paranormal investigator. Mysterious territory is in the suburbs, and in the capital. According to local residents, many of them had to yourself to feel the impact of unknown forces. Explain the inexplicable.

This place Lytkarino locals trying to get round. Here even the nature behaves strangely. Tree branches grow parallel to the ground, forming a cross, birds in the flock fly from side to side. Summer ball lightning struck the dome of the church.

"We heard a loud explosion, blow. I was scared, again came to the balcony. I looked, I noticed. There was a little repulsed brick. There was an old cemetery. Stones from the same place, the cemetery, "- say the locals.

Old cemetery tombstones scattered in 20 meters from the house. Local residents say that the building itself is built right on the churchyard.

"The people here are prone to some diseases. Then for some reason, all the legs are aching. For example, in our house, possibly a bad environment, maybe something like that, people are suffering from diseases, "- says a resident of the house.

This place is often inexplicable. Maxim pictures of my friends here. And with them came the photo highlights.

"At first I thought it a mistake somewhere — in the camera settings, in the lens. Changed the camera settings, wiping the lens — all the same. And somewhere in the 5-7 minutes it lasted. And then it stopped, then we obtain a normal photography "- says Maxim Morozov, a resident of Lytkarino.

Mugs in the photos Moscow Ghostbusters called plasmoids. They often go on the complaints of people who are faced with the so-called poltergeist. Unexplained phenomena measured very real physical devices.

"This is a magnetometer — a device that measures the excitement of the magnetic field. That's dosimeter. Background radiation will also be measured, "- says Ilya.

At some points the cemetery devices through the roof. Their testimony is constantly changing, the maximum — two times higher than normal.

The fact that the place is really abnormal, ghost hunters confirmed using another device — the random number generator. He usually gives an arbitrary sequence of numbers — from zero to nine.

"In the area of high paranormal activity with unusual properties of space-time characteristics, which are put in place, the generator begins to generate a clear pattern sequence. For example, one, three, eight, five, then — one, three, eight, five, "- says Vyacheslav Klimov, ghost hunter.

Ghostbusters fix all the points with paranormal activity in the suburbs and in the capital, and have already begun to map Moscow poltergeist.
"Moscow has several active anomalous zones really acting, which can come and face either the" something "or to experience it yourself. Places like Kolomenskoye Crimean Bridge, the route of "death", Kiev highway, Kutuzov Avenue, "- said Ilya Sagliani, ghost hunter.

Calls from people who have seen ghosts or have moved home subjects themselves, have received many. True, recognized hunters, 9 out of 10 visits to the scene are single. At stake anomalies such places do not get, and the ghost people, as it turns out, they see mostly after a good meal.

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