Novospasskoye village and its attractions

Smolensk region in the estate Novospasskoye was born and spent his childhood in the famous Russian composer Mikhail Glinka, who is the founder of classical music. This property is located on the river Desna, and is surrounded by beautiful beautiful forests that are still considered to be impassable. Especially proud to host this particular park has become. Groups of trees are interspersed with a variety of meadows, covered with very few flowers. On one of the lawns was a statue of the god of love Cupid.

However, after the war, the village Novospasskoye retained only about three hundred trees. On the banks of the river are numerous pavilions, each visitor was able to relax and enjoy nature. During holidays for fun here is the orchestra. Since 1954, at the end of May, it was a tradition to hold a music festival Russian Glinka. This event is a real musical feast, and its closure is in the park of the estate.

The main attraction of the estate in the village Novospasskoye still considered valid birth Glinok church family. Smolensk Smolensk fortress or citadel is a structure of defense, which was built in 1595 — 1602 years. While kings ruled — Fyodor Ivanovich and Boris Godunov. The city has always been surrounded by a fortress of Smolensk, and the new and powerful fortifications. First wall reinforced by wooden partitions, and then stone.

These activities were carried out in order to protect the city, because the capture of Smolensk opened a direct route to Moscow. Special way more ancient people attracted hills of the city. They were pretty easy strengthened and equipped in remote areas. The reason is that the hills are very steep slopes and deep ravines. This kind of hills not found anywhere across the Dnieper.

During the Great Patriotic War in the defense and liberation of the city wall is affected by the action of various forces. And the actions of the Nazi occupation, even destroyed the twin towers. Yet, in spite of a very rich history, in our time the fortress is in very poor condition, and one of the remaining areas require urgent restoration. The building is one of the towers is a museum, but also the very small, to reflect the beauty, splendor and grandeur of the building.

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