Now there are 14 …

Another contender for the presidency, Head of the foreign economic activity of JSC "Vitebsk fruit and vegetable factory" Sergey Ryzhov, announced the termination of the signature collection and removal from the election campaign. This is stated in the statement Ryzhov released on October 21.

"My initiative group, of which I am, stop collecting signatures, no typing set number to check me as a candidate for president Republic of Belarus"- Says Ryzhov.

He believes that the reason for this is not only malalikastsi and maladasvedchanastsi his initiative group, but in the absence of sufficient funding, as well as "pressure from the current government":

"This is not only pressure on the population of the presidential bureaucracy" vertical ", the pressure of individual managers and institutions to the members of their teams. Reason for this decision is not only in the pursuit of individual members of the initiative group to win in this period itself personal popularity and gain some benefits and "profits", in an attempt to externally directed to the collapse of the group, in an attempt to engage its active members in the process of collusion with representatives of the state apparatus and the individual political parties, "- writes Ryzhov.

He also believes the absence of fault a single candidate as an alternative figure incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko:

"I believed, and still believe that, along with worthy individuals, today in the campaign involved workers who already know in advance the role allotted to them by the state."

Moreover Ryzhov called "a tragic mistake" calls of some political leaders to the conclusion that people in the area, followed by unpredictable consequences both for citizens and for the whole country in general.

Thus, currently involved in the election campaign 14 candidates for presidency in Belarus.

Earlier termination of participation in the elections and said, owed Petr Borisov. Last starred in favor of Vital Rymasheuski.

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