Odessans poisoned by smoke from burning peat bogs

From August 21 to September 7 at the yard in the open air 10 times produced the ignition of dry grass, reeds and peat. Every day, rescuers had to eliminate 50 to 1000 square meters. fire, with total area is 3,000 square meters. Cause of the fire — careless handling of fire unknown person. This 048.ua reported in the Public Relations Center EMERCOM in Odessa region.

At the scene worked two divisions of MES and fire train. August 7 at 20:55 fire was extinguished.
Leaders EMERCOM Ukraine in Odessa region reached the scene at a meeting at which Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Odessa region Vladimir Bodelan reported:
"Marshalling Yard was closed six years ago. Its territory for years blended fuel materials. This has contributed to the creation of the peat bog. Therefore, to extinguish the fire with water or foam on such land is virtually impossible. Another obstacle to extinguish a fire is that of the fire can not get close nor technology to drive or walk to come. Effects of fire, and it could, and the acrid smell, prevent the normal functioning of local residents.
In order to put out the fire, we decided:
road services to mow all reeds and dry grass;
bulldozers wrap localization of fire;
submit a proposal to the Mayor of Odessa to establish order construction firms that produce soil, soil delivery of this object.
This will help to cope with this problem in a few days. In order to put an end to the problem of burning fields of filtration, you should always make obkosy roads properly bury the territory under the ground, fill it with water and leave it at that. '

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