Omsk fell asleep again, this time with black powder



Hideous powder is dark gray to sleep is one of the districts of Omsk regions. At the origin of an unknown substance understands RPN.


In Omsk again precipitation of unknown origin. Strange powder dark gray covered the Volga district and the ring road of the city on an area of about 12 hectares. Seeing the gray drifts, frightened townspeople reported this to the local RPN.

Experts immediately went to investigate the cause of the anomaly. Preliminary analysis of the substance showed that it could be ash or soot. First on the list of suspects in the release — CHP-5 and Omsk branch of "Omsktehuglerod." These enterprises will be spot checks.

Over the past few months, similar anomalies were observed in Omsk has repeatedly. Strange powder dropped in August and October. However, then it was pure white in color and looks like a laundry. Residents are advised not to let the children out to refrain from playing sports and do not touch the powder by hand.

Later investigations revealed that it was a fine crystalline aluminosilicate, which is safe for health.

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