On invisible inhabitants of our houses

November 29, 2011 20:07


On invisible inhabitants of our houses and apartments tell a lot. People have long noticed their presence, pranks, in some cases — help. Rarely, but sometimes someone've seen brownies. But Kate Volzhanka Cherkasova managed sketch and of themselves, and their houses, and even the environment.

"They are like people!"

Brownies in his apartment — living creatures! — Kate Cherkasova saw when she opened her "second sight," or, as it is sometimes called the "third eye." This happened to her in 12 years.

-Fear in me was not, and was curious and a little doubt — not imagining it to me? — She told me. — I saw a town of small houses and creatures similar to humans. The cabins are in a different dimension, but in an apartment, they seem attached to the walls of the room.

Kate told me that house is very small, from fifteen to thirty centimeters tall. By type — different. There are monsters, like little animals, covered with dense hair. Indeed, something like Cheburashka. A shape is reminiscent of people — and they both go, as people on two legs. Paul clearly masculine as they bearded. Women among them. The houses large sharp ears, long beards. At the hands of five fingers, but it happens, and four. Among them are young and old. And dressed like people — long shirts, often with a cap or a hat on his head, as drawn in cartoons or books, sandals on their feet or just barefoot.

They live in a small house with windows and doors, furniture is very primitive, homemade, mostly woven of grass and bark. Build themselves houses, sleeping in a pot — it is actually their little bed. As litter — dry grass. Their houses look like small little farm in an apartment. On assurances Katie, home living, as a rule, teams, but sometimes alone. Some apartments do not live at all. Kate thinks it's a bad sign. If they do not build us a house, they shall perish from the cold. They can not live without human warmth, we have for them as power plants.

Domovushki when awake, active and cleanly. Always something to clean, clean … but love to sleep and sleep for long periods, sometimes for months. They may wake up only loud sounds such as shots, on the other they do not respond. Perhaps, in their measurement earthly sounds bad reach.

In Katina apartment, she said, there were several families in different rooms. She did not count the total number of inhabitants, but two dozen typed.

What is the use of the houses?

My question, are useful whether brownies, girl said that they are useful. For example, they are struggling with harmful bacteria and microbes. Kate woke up one day and saw that her mother's bedside big crowd domovushek. They are actively engaged in something, someone unseen caught and killed. Kate realized that they are fighting the germs, as my mother has the flu. The next morning my mother visibly relieved. But Kate was surprised that, at a purity in their houses, do they still look sloppy: they are dirty shirt, unkempt hair.

-They have children, and they appear in 8 years, — shared his unusual knowledge of Kate. — I saw a cocoon in which ripen their seed as mature butterflies. Cocoons white, made of thin, almost transparent threads. Cocoons domovushki weave themselves when the time comes to breed. They weave around the threads that stand out from the claws on their hands. In the cocoon house is about a month, and then they come out of the cocoon has two. Little less than one third the parent, but with a small beard. He first as dead, not even moving, and it is fed gruel of flowers that grow these creatures themselves. Yes, they have a garden, grow vegetables and fruit, which this narodec eats. There are also animals.

In this sketch Kate creature similar to a cat, but with its hind legs in the form of duck, webbed.

-Babies grow quickly, in a month they have increased as adults. Drink water, but not such as we have. Brownies can also get sick and even die from the disease. I saw that the deceased is placed on a large sheet of a plant. Chief among them is right and throws the corpse of some black seeds, and it immediately becomes a cloud dissolves in the air.

-Do they have names?

-Apparently, yes, because my friends called themselves Tom, the book and the scoop.

-You communicate with them? They saw you? — I was surprised.

Daily needs

— Yes, we do — Kate confirmed. — They see me, we understand Russian, but I talked to them mentally, not words. They talked a little bit about yourself. But to say that people should not know about them.

-Brownies walk or fly? — I question them.
— Both. But it is difficult to travel long distances.

Kate said that the main food of the houses is a porridge made from apples. In their world, is a tree that gives one great fruit that is much greater than the houses themselves. It looks like an apple, but an enormous size, called the Picts. When ripe, it falls to the ground, and it is cut into many slices, juice collected in a tank, and cloves ground into mush. Porridge is stored in their cellars long until the next harvest, and does not spoil. Seeds have the ability to glow for about a month and serve brownies lighting in their houses.

If you do not have enough cereal stocks for the year, this major cuts narodec frog skins of which they make the clothes, and the meat roasted over a fire.

-Fire, they have our — told about such details of Kate. — I saw them on the forks slip pieces of meat on the fire, when we turn on the kitchen gas.

In the houses of the houses have a watch, but there's other characters instead of numbers. Of the musical instruments used tune. Paint with berry juice. Paint the walls in the main their houses. As the light in the evening they put in the homes of fireflies, for which special weave baskets made of straw. Fireflies grow as people chickens.

In addition, the houses there are schools that teach their children. Education is basic life skills in the construction of houses, to use the energy of people, as well as to provide assistance to the people of Earth feasible.

Of course, all narrated Katusha on houses and their life in another dimension sharply beyond the materialistic perception of the world, and folk tales, too. Such details which told Volzhanka girl, I do not recall. For clarity, I asked Kate to sketch what she revealed. These drawings are complemented her stories, yet the feeling of "preudivleniya" and strangeness of this story with household has never left me, then and now. Do people ever invented devices to be able to see their world — I think that this time will come. But will it be for the benefit of this narodtsem — I doubt.

-It is they, brownies, sometimes organize pogroms in the apartments, which we call the word "poltergeist", or "noisy spirit"? — One day I asked Katya.

-No, no, I think that it's not them! — For some reason the girl replied hotly. — They are harmless and do not want to harm people. Rather, it is satisfied with the gnomes, they also live in a parallel world, but other than brownies, dimension.

She had to tell me also about dwarfs …

What are they, a dwarf?

-These creatures are much larger in size than homes — began its tour of the country dwarfs my nice companion. — They are at least half a meter in height and live in another dimension. I need to make a little effort to get into it.

As I understood from the descriptions of Katyusha dwarves look a bit comical — because even though they are very thin, but they have big bellies and round, like a ball swallowed. His eyes narrow as the Japanese. Hair color is different, sometimes even bright yellow. Some gnomes bald. They are cut and where are more like humans than domovushki. In general, they are funny, like caricatures of people.

Dressed as follows: all caps in the form of a cap, white shirt with wide sleeves, on the issue, to the knees, tied a belt, and always striped pants. Strips of black and white, yellow and white and creamy white. Many of his mustache and beard.

They always have an older dwarf, like a leader. This is the most intelligent of the tribe, cunning, sharp-witted, able to cheer narodec for joint affairs. They also have families — women, children. Women look too cartoonish: a large round nose, but his eyes did not narrow. Only wear a dress or a shirt to his knees with a belt. Other features — like the earth women. Children running around in shorts or shorts with straps as unitard. When they go out, then dress warmer. Women in winter wear coats cat skins, men — of sheep. Yes, yes, they are found sheep, pigs, cats, dogs, only small. For example, cows height of 50-60 inches, and the length — 100 cm

Children gnomes very indecent act: pick their nose, farts loudly — in short, lack of knowledge. Give birth to the dwarves, as the earthly women. Babies are very small, three days are feeding on mother's milk, and then they start to crawl, climb, three weeks have to walk.

At home they storey, wood, by our standards — tiny. Elevate them out of pine, which we did not go as the material — too young trees. Sawing wood saws, as we do, but the factories they have not, and there is melting iron ore and forge.

-They speak in Russian, but with a strong accent — shared details of Kate. Gnomes chistyuli great, they protect us, purify the air and the earth's atmosphere from negative thoughts that are very energetically pollute the Earth. But sometimes, unhappy people's behavior, they can organize riots. This is what we call the word "Poltergeist" …

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