On Montenegro collapsed tropical heat

Heat waves established in the territory of Montenegro, which led to a renewal of the June temperature records, local meteorologists said.

In the capital, Podgorica, 19 June temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius, an increase of 1.2 degrees record June 19, 1962. In the center of mountain tourism in Montenegro Zabljak and 19 June was marked by temperature 28.5 degrees Celsius, 2.2 degrees higher record of the June 2006.

In the town of Ulcinj, on the Adriatic Sea on the eve of the air is warmed to 37.7 degrees Celsius, while the June 19, 2002 there have been measured "only" 33.2 degrees Celsius.

The temperature in the cities mentioned in the 10-12 degrees above normal for this time of year. It is expected that a slight cooling can occur only at the end of this week.

As explained in an interview with a local newspaper Vijesti representative of Montenegro Branko Mitsev Meteorological Service, the country in recent days, was under the influence of tropical heat waves, who came from the north-west Africa. In this regard, the expert warned of the dangers of high solar radiation and the increased risk of forest fires.

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