On television — only one candidate that everyone knows

Man: "My company is interested only information I do not see anything anywhere. It's not in the press, on television — only one candidate that all vedayuts.A so it is necessary to look on the internet because I was worried about this information, as I am for my home worried. no information. "

Woman: "Worry, we want a leader … I would like to know about the other candidates, a program that they promised us."

Mr."There are pickets, I basically did not ask, I was coming to the apartment three times subscribed for Lukashenko, the current president, then — Romanchuk Sapotskin with us, and a writer. Three of them before I gave the nod. "

Woman: "Only on TV. Was there that started this campaign, and that's a lot of pickets. But where they are — God knows! And, I have not been accessed."

Man: "In my understanding: to be a presidential candidate is not easy. Look: there is some unemployed or care, so to speak, wants. But you have to have a little bit in my head, you need to have experience."

Man: "As long as the information I have. Who knows? Stood near the park on Saturday and Sunday, but I was in the country."

Man: "I have three weeks I started reading" The People's Will, "and in the last issue — the answers Kozulin: to participate in the elections or not I myself for many years do not go to the polls. Such elections do not satisfy me as a person, as a citizen, as a voter. Maybe even pickings, then again one and participate. "

A young woman with her mother"In the street there all the time to stand in front of the monument, near the cinema" Grodno. "Approaches that were interested, but I still do not know the person. Lukashenko know, and others — not. So we do not know who to vote for. We still waiting think. Maybe fear is fear of some interest. Everybody is afraid, I'm sure that everyone is afraid of! "

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