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There are quite a few hypotheses that affect appearance of the UFO phenomenon, and among them the most common of the "guys with the planets of other galaxies." In general it is heated completely normal logical arguments: if I saw in the sky "such utter things" and, analyzing the bright ball or plate, she was not able to pick up according to earthly measures, it is expected that, if it flies, it means to us to complain to the top, from the sky, that is, from space … all looks very simple, right? But there is another interpretation of the phenomenon …

That is to start asking, what is common between all the paranormal that UFOs have in common with ghosts, poltergeists and other inexplicable phenomena …? So, if we assume that they are all the same, something is united, have one and the same nature? The point of this hypothesis is that it offers a look at the UFO as parafizicheskuyu and psychic essence our own planet! Now I will try to explain it.

To start distract from green men and move our eyes on our understanding of the world. Our reality is completely based on our physical perceptions. If we can touch anything or feel anything, we say that it is real, that is, there. We can see, hear, smell, taste and know etc. And we do not have any doubt about the reality of our perception. But we do not think about that, guided by such criteria, we can feel only a small part of our surroundings. Indeed, even if we take for example serving us for so many centuries my eyes, I come to the conclusion that it is not a good thing if they served us at all times. We are able to see only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Light waves — this is really the visible spectrum of the vibration-like radio waves. Different frequencies are recorded as different colors complex apparatus of our vision, which consists, roughly, of the thousands of tiny radios, carefully tuned to only a small part of ektromagnitnogo spectrum. Great things we did not see at all, and we can say that we see only what is necessary for the perception of our immediate environment.

Cosmic rays — the rays of the highest intensity of high frequency energy, penetrating everywhere — take one end of the spectrum. They are followed by the powerful gamma-rays — a form of energy, which has appeared so ruthless in the application of atomic bombs. We have the following X-rays, short-penetrating through most solids, ionizing gases, making the film. On the scale of the spectrum they are almost blended with gamma rays.

Followed all ultraviolet rays, which play a crucial role in relation to UFO phenomena. These rays are invisible, but the body can scorch and burn the eyes. There are hundreds of reports of acute attacks of conjunctivitis after UFO sightings (it can be concluded that the UFO emitted in large quantities and in gamma-rays). Visible light on our scale is sandwiched between markers 5 and 6. This is the only part of the spectrum in which we can see and perceive what they see. The visible rays are mainly divided in frequency of the blue, yellow and red. In combination, they can generate and white. For the red rays are infrared, for carrying a heat wave. (Many UFO witnesses stated that they felt the thermal radiation, even when the subject is at a distance of many yards away). Concentration of infrared rays can singe the eyes. These rays are shorter than microwave radio signals, but the wavelength of visible light.

And why, you ask me, I give all this boring graduation spectral wave!? In order to be a little more push you to the next consciousness …. At any point in their life, we are in a literal sense, surrounded by a wall of electromagnetic waves from many radio and television transmitters. We are unable, unlike some animals, such as seeing or feeling the waves, but can always be sure of their existence, the radio is on. In other words, you need special equipment to feel the waves outside our perception. But if again purely logical to speculate, it is possible to conclude that all around us there are other waves that we can not detect any instruments. Now analyze further … and this is another example …

Every drop of water contains thousands of microforms life. They are too small, so we can see and feel them. But every ten boy, considering that a drop of water in a cheap school microscope can easily invade the world of microbes. (I think of myself in the school years of his life, when in biology class looked antediluvian microscope and saw something small in a lot of jerks in the water). But the inhabitants of the water droplets do not know about me or this boy with a microscope. Moreover, they do not know that the world around them, their liquid medium in which they swim — only a tiny part of a much larger and totally different world …… analyzing our mind leads us to the fact that our own world can be part of something something much bigger that is outside of our most violent and sometimes sick imagination.

Now I can make some conclusions that will help us in the future:

1. All solids of our environment (or reality) is composed of energy.

2. Every energy electromagnetic in nature.

3. The human eye is able to see only a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

4. Electromagnetic waves of many different frequencies penetrate into our reality. We live in a vast sea elektrovoln …

So. we are surrounded by the energies that can not see, and it is possible that these energies are formed objects, beings, and even entire worlds, to see that we can not. But because we do not see, do not hear or feel them in some way, does not mean they do not exist, "something more."

And that "more" is certainly also consists of wave energy, but this energy is different from the frequency and form atoms, radically different from the atoms of our own world. This energy can coexist and even share with us some space (a kind of another dimension), is not particularly interested in, whether we like it or not.

So, if we now assume that the UFO is something so great … if not a UFO aliens from some other planet!? What if UFOs really are creatures of the unseen world of our own planet!

Suppose that UFOs parafizichny, can reflect light like ghosts. We also assume, based on the testimony of many observers, they become visible when the ultra-high-speed moving from one position to another. Then it follows from all this that, while remaining visible when moving, they do not stop moving when dematerialized, but just their mass becomes transparent due to its diffusive nature and ethereal substance … These observations confirm their parafizichnost, which increases the likelihood of terrestrial origin, and not an alien …

And probably one of "those" from a parallel to our world are eager to show us his power, others — to teach lessons of morality … I would suggest that all of these representatives of the astral world, it is likely sincerely appeal to the human mind, sometimes pursuing specific objectives, may be, driving us to the way of technical breakthrough (if it has not been done in the area of 51) … and sometimes just like these amaze onlookers as we aim which is known only to the devil …

In real cases, the UFO must be considered the most seemingly unbelievable aspects. This includes many stories about ghosts and spirits of the strange psychotic aberrations, about the surrounding nevidemom for us a world that occasionally intrudes into our real world, the predictions and myths of gods and demons … a world of illusions, hallucinations world where everything seems to me unreal obsalyutno real and where reality itself is distorted under the influence of strange forces that seemingly can manipulate time, space and fsem physical laws. And these forces are completely beyond our comprehension!

I am more inclined to believe that the UFO phenomenon is basically electromagnetic and sosoben regulate electromagnetic energy beams to any desired frequency and … Phenomenon because in most cases and is invisible to us is because, most of the energy, rather than from a solid material, so stay outside of our perception …

It is controlled by a great mind, and throughout its history … it is visible from time to time (and why?? touch upon this subject a little later!) for us … it can take any form — from plates and a giant airship to the spacecraft, and can take frormu living being — from little green men (which is more familiar to us) to the terrible one-eyed giants.

But none of these configurations is not their true form …

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