On the South-Ukrainian NPP has a problem because of the problems with the U.S. fuel

"Energoatom" urgently asks Russia to ship fuel produced for Zaporizhzhya NPP, South-Ukrainian NPP because of problems with the American fuel.

, Said a source in the fuel company "fuel elements" on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Energy Forum.

"Due to the serious situation prevailing in the South-Ukrainian NPP," Energoatom "sent" TVEL "letter with the request to put the fuel that" TVEL ", produced for the Zaporozhye NPP, South-Ukrainian NPP," — said the source.

Earlier, First Deputy Michael SNRCU Gashev reported that energy concern has started an emergency unloading fuel produced by the American company Westinghouse reactor of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant, where the fuel is in trial operation. According to the report, the American fuel made for the Ukrainian-Soviet reactors of Russian design, there were serious problems.

He stressed that the observed damage are not critical breach in the fuel, but they require special attention and detailed examination.

Currently, the second and third unit SUNPP in trial mode, operated 126 assembly production Westinghouse, loaded into reactors units in 2010-2011 under a contract signed in March 2008.

"Energoatom" found deviations in the work at the Westinghouse fuel SUNPP
Ukrainian NPP operator company "Energoatom" will complete unloading of fuel from the reactor cores of the second and third units of the South-Ukrainian NPP due to the detection of deviations in the fuel assembly manufacturing multinational company Westinghouse, told RIA Novosti Deputy State Inspectorate for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine (SNRCU) — Chief Inspector of Nuclear and Radiation Safety Michael Gashev.

Currently, the second and third unit SUNPP in trial mode, operated 126 assembly production Westinghouse, loaded into reactors units in 2010-2011 under the relevant sales contract concluded between "Energoatom" and multinationals in March 2008. In particular, the third block of 84 stations operated by the assembly, the second — 42 assembly. During preventive maintenance (BPD) of the second power SUNPP, launched on June 18, the core unit expected reload another 42 fresh assembly Westinghouse.

According Gasheva, the third unit in the station refueling operation in the PPR were found damaged rim distancing grid TVS-W, is loaded into the reactor in 2010.

"There unload fuel were found damaged distancing grid (assembly FA-W — Ed.) Was established interdisciplinary committee, which decided to make a full discharge and Westinghouse fuel and fuel rods from the reactor to determine the circumstances," — said the chief inspector, adding that unload fuel will be decontaminated and detailed photographs.

Gashev reported that to date from the third unit unloaded 35 fuel assemblies, with similar damage discovered yet another assembly Westinghouse. In this regard, it was decided to make a full-fueling as well from the second power station, where the loaded 42 FA-W.

Chief Inspector said that after the fuel unloading commission composed of representatives of the regulator, the operating organization and the manufacturer will produce a detailed analysis and examination of these lesions. He suggested that the examination could last until the beginning of August, and its results will be the basis for regulatory decisions on the resolution of the reload a fresh batch of fuel in the 42 magazines in the second unit.

Chief Inspector noted that the damage to the rim distancing grid is not a critical breach in the fuel, but in terms of regulatory documents on nuclear safety is taken into account qualifies as a violation in nuclear power plants and requires special attention and detailed examination.

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