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My friend and I arrived at the History Department of the University of Polotsk and dream not only to study the already known, but also to become pioneers in something. Do you think it possible today to revelations concerning the first centuries of our history?

Ales and Algirdas

French physicist, mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal, the one who called the man "a reed that thinks" it is assumed that the accidental discovery could make one prepared mind. Add from myself that chance — and even more so.

Thus, guys, consider that the first step has already been taken.

Oh, and as for the discovery, then, with your permission, I shall concentrate on my last, and probably your mother Polotsk. One must strive to know something about everything and everything about something. So I try — although aware of my naivety — to know everything about the history of Polotsk.

In recent years, each field season brings a more or less significant discoveries of archaeologists, in the full sense of the word in ancient zaglyblyayutstsa century patriarch of our cities.

Relatively recently, Sergei Tarasov unearthed ancient Polotsk jeweler's shop, where he found and the crucible, and tweezers, and weights, and among other things prychyndallya, I believe, as many as several hundred pieces already adshtukavanaga and "wild" amber.

By the way, in the era of palachanak Rogneda and Euphrosyne amber beads were very popular not only as a decoration. It was believed that they contribute to the health and well before help for insomnia. Modern Belarusians can verify this by putting a pillow under his finish. And men who are to go to sleep, have to be considered sleepless nights elephants or sheep, I advise you to take a piece of raw amber. He tried. Although the better, of course, embrace the possessor beads. Also recommend.

Returning to the archaeologists say, that is not the first watch with great interest the works of Denis Duka, the researchers Polotsk with the new generation of servants Clieu. On its opening can be soon to read the whole book. Personally, I'm waiting on her strong arguments for his proposal to formally make Polotsk several centuries older.

It's kind of an interesting thing. Polotsk was first mentioned in chronicles in 862, Kiev — a 860-m. In 1987, our first capital without much resonance celebrated its 1125-year anniversary, and Kiev from all over Ukraine loudly celebrated … 1500th anniversary. I and souvenir medal to this date preserved, which always reminds us that we have grounds for such an anniversary no less: and archaeological finds, and mentioned in the Icelandic sagas …

But do not think that the findings are sometimes really sensational, hidden from historians only in the ground.

Here, for example, comes our researcher Marina Linnikava the Moscow State Archive of Ancient Acts. Leafs in the XVIII century manuscript library and finds it erroneously prypletseny back sheet with a completely different meaning. It seems to be missing it and read on. Yes, Marina excitement float before the eyes of the letters. Already in the first line — the name of the Grand Duke Useslaw Wizard. Due to this finding our knowledge about famous rulers of Polotsk uzbagachayutstsa by three subjects. Yes, what? Just sit down and write a work of art.

First, the unknown author tells how the prince saw a wonderful display of months, which could not solve any Christian priests, nor warmed by Useslaw (which, as we know from the record, was born "of sorcery") pagan wise men, "magi." Then the prince led a prisoner in the Tower Sorcerer Mantle. That, of course, tends to exploit the situation, "Swear to release me, and I will give thy despair." Vseslav Wizard swears: "The souls of evil you shall not commit." Mantle explains that the prince threaten enemies, but they will disgrace and fled. Pleased with the prince sends back to the wizard's tower, prison, and in response to the murmur of logical answers: "The souls of your really did not do bad, evil committed one body …" In short, if sorcerers just two, the second is better to keep behind bars.

Not very consistent with someone's idealistic romantic notions about Vseslav and another found Linnikavay story. At the time of plague in Polotsk confusion arises, led by led by Boyar. He is taken to return the old ways, namely, "the ministry idols besavanne yes." The conspirators even managed to take the head of state in the siege at his residence. I apologize, in the prince's choir, which was set on fire flaming arrows. However Vseslav — on that and Warlock! — No confusion, also appealed to the old gods and put out the fire, "sorcery" (sic!). Twelve participants failed coup happiness in the shambles of the head, and their leader led the prince is in the spirit of the time "ordered in chains of iron forge, and put a wooden yoke on the neck, but sentenced him to tear his eyes and torches to smoke …"

I wish you and Algirdas Ales, their revelations. Maybe it will be able to specify the dates of life Skarina so tired already put signs next to them. Maybe it will discover the library of St. Sophia Cathedral, which in 1579 Geydenshtayn admired Reynolds, secretary of the Grand Duke and King Stephen Batura. And suddenly unevmiruchytse their names, finding an invaluable record of Polotsk …

Well, the road must be your verse:

There are cities invented by God

City have invented God
City have invented the devil
and who you come up with my city?

who in a dream you so what ever
you wake up in the morning misty
to wash in the Dvina sleepy face?

that dreamed of you in your nightmares
and twilight amber insomnia
and in bright dreams that encircles the amounts?

who came from a candle on the echoing caves
frightening horrible shadow
crazy rulers and kings?

who stole your record is watered with blood
who sprained your library
in a foreign land who took the life-giving cross?

you called Sophia future ringing
you are our dream yourself Jerusalem
yes the third Rome appointed a different fate

about how I sometimes sag rise
tagasvetse in which I do not believe
where mysticism and mystery of your

let me stay forever
to travel on cleaning and paradise
or better yet on Hell: interesting …

I will rise again and that's what you — Arise!

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