Or breaks Sidorsky issue of oil and gas?

Today in Moscow scheduled meeting of the Council of Ministers of the so-called "union state", to be attended by Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky. There will also be a meeting of heads of government of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The agenda of the meeting of the Union — more than 30 questions. Sergei Sidorsky said that the main document, which is scheduled to discuss the draft budget will be the "union state" in 2011.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, the focus will be the implementation of a joint action plan to minimize the impact of the financial crisis, which was passed last year. Will they discuss the issues of energy supply?

A spokesman for the Belarusian Prime Minister Alexander Timoshenko said:

"I do not know of such issues on the agenda of the Council of Ministers of the" union state. "Questions that come there, as has already been mentioned."

The representative of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov told the "Freedom", which in their line of negotiations are scheduled. At the moment there are no problems of any critical — gas paid. A contract, which defines the conditions of supply in the next year, the works. According to Kupriyanov, "no reason to change at this time no."

However, experts in Moscow and Minsk have pointed out that the Belarusian side is primarily interested in the conditions of supply of oil and gas in 2011. According to political scientist Andrei Suzdaltseva, "meeting with Sidorsky Putin planned, and no breakthrough will not be there. "According to bilateral protocol of January this year, October has been scheduled for conversion of duty-free oil supplies with the growth of the gross domestic product of Belarus.

"Of course, the question now hangs. Issue is not resolved and, of course, most likely Sidorsky will try it" punch. "This is a question of the day. Council of Ministers' meeting will not be until the new year, the Belarusian side, you see, as says he wants get discounts on gas until 2014 and wants to again increase the duty-free quota of oil next year. "

According to Suzdaltseva, Moscow does not make concessions country which "is an anti-Russian policy."

"Alexander G., speaking on October 1 at a press conference for Russian journalists, led her out of the paradigm of the Union Treaty, regardless of integration affairs. Why should Russia be in the integration of these things? The crisis in relations between Belarus and Russia is now in its eighth year. "

Political scientist Andrei Fedorov suggests that the date of the meeting of the "union," the Council of Ministers was scheduled in advance and refuse to negotiate would be unwise. According to Fedorov, at Sidorsky asked what caused the current behavior of the official Minsk. But it will not be the main topic. The session will cover issues of oil and gas.

"Another thing is whether Belarus will get to win something on that, here I have some doubts. Precisely because of the Belarusian-Russian conflict Moscow does not agree to make some concessions."

This year Belarus will receive from Russia free of duty 6.3 million tons of crude oil, the remaining 15 million tons subject to 100 per cent export duty. Also, Russia is not going to abolish duties on oil products for Belarus and next year promises to go on world prices for gas supplies.

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