Or remember the presidents of Uskhopchyk?

During the visit, the Lithuanian president in Minsk could be affected by the issue concerning former Deputy Defense Minister of Belarus Vladimir Uskhopchyk general.

This does not preclude independent observers.

General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus correspondent of "Freedom" said that in recent years no request from the Lithuanian side regarding V.Uskhopchyka was not, and had not given any.

In Lithuania, on the General Uskhopchyk criminal case. Lithuanian prosecutors said his involvement in the deaths of 14 people during the storming of the Vilnius television center Jan. 13, 1991. Uskhopchyk was then headed by the Vilnius garrison, and thereafter was transferred to serve in Belarus. Lithuanian law enforcement authorities claim that he gave the order to shoot at unarmed people. He is accused of a number of criminal offenses related to the attempted assassination of the independence of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the fact that he was involved in the murder of Lithuanian citizens and causing grievous bodily harm to disperse peaceful demonstrations in Vilnius. These crimes there is no statute of limitations.

Lithuania has repeatedly called on Belarus requested the extradition of the former head of the Vilnius garrison, but was refused. September 16 2009and in Vilnius, Alexander Lukashenko said that all of the requirements put forward with regard to Lithuania Vladimir Uskhopchyk should be treated in line with international law.

March 1 2010 Uskhopchyk questioned as a witness in the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus, at the request of the Lithuanian side. Record of questioning directed to Lithuania.

Lithuanian President considered this a good sign. But then the attorney general Grigory Vasilevich stated that the Belarusian side has no legal basis for the issuance of the Lithuanian law enforcement authorities U.Uskhopchyka. Like, according to the Belarusian Constitution, citizens Republic of Belarus can not be extradited to a foreign state.

By Dalia Grybauskaite, when extradition is not possible under the contract, it will look for a way out of the situation through political dialogue.

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