ORSIS answers

The company's website ORSIS in the "Customer Support" hung out the answer to my question, and I quote:

What are the original proprietary solutions you use in the manufacture of rifles ORSIS?

The trigger mechanism (patented), the overall design of the box (the design and fastening elements) solutions in a box for the fixation group and the balance, adjustment mechanisms, all steel folding unit, the original mechanisms of adjustments cheeks and butt plate, slide group (created based on the Remington, but reworked so deep that there was only a general principle of operation), materials and processing techniques (including thermal) of the bolt and trigger (D16T, stainless steel and titanium alloy). Changed the technology of shpallera (itself a hook made of tverdosplava, which improved surface quality of the barrel), the combination of values in step grooves, their number, barrel length, and the length of Puligny entrance.

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