Our elections — is the operation of special services

Our society listener does not agree with the statement of the head of state that the orphan children of the village to solve the problem of children's homes:

"We've got a sore subject — it's orphanages and nursing homes. We chose the local councils, and now we will elect the president. I wonder what they think applicants for this post: how to make home parents brought their children? After all, someone else's mother would not be so taken care of.

In general, why could this happen? That did not happen after the war. And now, in the same country there are so many orphanages and nursing homes. Our President has proposed to build villages for orphans. I believe that this is not the way. We have to find another. "

Paul Seviarynets

Co-Chair of the BCD Paul Seviarynets Call listener comments:

"At the actually, the problem of orphans in the country, the head of which is 16 years old calls himself a "father" and output child not born in wedlock, the public — is a spiritual problem, it is a moral issue. It can solve the people who are themselves bearers of morality. This church and the faithful.

In our opinion, if you give all the empty buildings in the suburbs, in urban areas, abandoned villages under Christian centers, charities, hospices and rehabilitation centers, then we can dramatically improve the situation.

In our society, even there is no concept of Christian values. For many Christian values — is to go to church and light a candle. In fact — this is a concern about the neighbor who needs your warmth and love. "

Some students have expressed criticism of the program "Freedom". Here is one of those calls:

"Radio Liberty" listen to almost systematically. How much can already listen to this "House of Writers"? Do we, in Belarus — some writers and writers? Endlessly "House of Writers," "House of Writers" 169-I program "House of Writers."

Michas Scoble

The author of the program Michas Scoble explains to the audience than the need for "House of Writers":

"The" House of Writers "was created when the house was selected by the writer. Today the house is actually located in the writer of radio broadcast space. Where can today's operational information about the new book? Independent daily newspaper writers have not.

Do not print the works of the same Anatoly Vertinsky, Gennady Buraukin, Neil Gilevich, Ryhor Baradulin. Therefore, the "House of Writers" — is not the only ground on which the Belarusian poets and writers can be heard. "

Students discuss the campaign. Who shapes Election Commission? Who work for them? Our listener is expressed as follows:

"In each of the district administration, there are departments of organizational and personnel work. They organize elections to form election commissions. Personnel officers from the Soviet era were kadebeshnay agents. Elections in Belarus — is spetsaperatsyya intelligence. Territorial Commission — is just a cover, it is actually determines the vertical face of a head of organizational and personnel work. They — the key figures in the falsification of the will of the people. "

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