Our reality — the exact replica of the life of the backward Soviet collective farm …

Society, while Belarusian citizens in a panic trying to put his rubles, which rapidly depreciate, although something more robust, the government continues to prosecute opposition leaders and activists. These are the opinions of the latest political developments taking place these days in Minsk, expressed in his letter to the "Freedom" Michael Danko of David-Gorodok Stolin District, which will begin with the current conversation. The listener writes:

"This is — not the courts, and the violence of the fact that people whose conscience is impeccable, who want to serve the country, not scared and did not want to serve as a lie.

The court, which is the judgment seat of the conscience of the nation, has turned to the courts over the lie. Not produced any convincing evidence that the defendants allegedly committed mass unrest. But witnesses testified that there were no riots in the area, in fact, was not — except for the fact that some agents provocateurs broke windows (and for some reason they did not touch the police). And what about the wiretapping of the presidential candidates? For such actions in the U.S. president at the time was forced to resign to avoid impeachment (the so-called Watergate scandal). In Belarus, the president somehow everything is possible. And to bring down the deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation, and disperse the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation — the latter which has chosen nation. And eliminate the fundamental CEC chairman Gonchar, so that it is already 12 years old can not find … What is this power of the people's will, if the will of the leader, the one who cares about the people feeding it. As soon as he heard of scoops yes Grishko — "If only there was no war."

Thank you for Democratic presidential candidates for the truth that they are people. Letter of support sick I wrote — just before the start of the court. Hold on, guys, for you — the truth and the future! ".

Belarus has opened so there is already at least in the last decade. Every politician knows that going to compete with the incumbent in presidential elections — so get ready for what could go to jail. The authorities apparently expects that will continue to operate an old, long-proven scenario: people in response to the repression of silent; Moscow pretends not to notice, and the West after the initial protests after a while begins to look for ways to dialogue offering concessions and credits in exchange for the release of political prisoners. Will it work this script now? This is — an important issue that affects the strength of the Lukashenko regime. And the economic situation, and the public mood and attitude to politics Lukashenko from the East and the West today is quite different than in the beginning and in the middle of the last decade.

The author of this letter — a war veteran Nikolai Borisevich of Slutzk was struck by the dramatic history of the family Dashkevich, which we recently have told. Let me remind you: in late April in the old road Dashkievich Olga died prematurely — the mother of the leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich sentenced to prison on political charges. The authorities have given permission for it to son could say goodbye to his mother, but to be present at the cemetery was not allowed. Nikolai writes on this subject:

"Probably, special forces did not want the hassle. Gen. near the morgue, where they brought Dmitri stood about fifteen police officers — as if taken a hardened killer. Photographs do forbidden, access to the morgue room and even into the courtyard next to it — was closed. Someone familiar handed over to Dmitry four cloves — to put on the coffin of his mother. Half an hour later it again spetsnazavskuyu planted in a car and drove to Minsk. Mrs. Olga And on the same day was buried in the old road.

Great sin committed themselves who gave the command to allow his son to the deceased mother only in the morgue ".

These political trials, arrests, violence broke and injured many human lives. Affects not only themselves arrested — but their mothers, fathers, children. In their programs over the past six months we have told similar stories.

New e-mail from our old friend and author Constantine Syrelya from the village Ushachi that of Polotsk. This time, he tries to understand the origins of the country's leadership style, typical of the current head of Belarus. Mr. Constantine writes:

"I came from work, I get on a modest dinner. Turned on by satellite" Freedom ", the sound switched to the kitchen, listening to" expertise "Vitaly Tsygankova. Experts Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky and Victor Martinovich discuss possible sanctions against the Belarusian authorities in Europe, the escalating conflict with G. West, thus giving G. qualities not anyhow any politician. Mr. Wojciech even said something like, "Try to guess that it (Rygoravichavay) head." Just wanted to say the experts, "Lord, do not make you any ingenious schemes . " G., in my opinion, it is necessary not only to understand how to feel.

You've got to know the mentality of the collective farm foreman, rustic sort of literate period of decline of socialism, which accidentally hit the post of chairman of the collective farm. He knocks in the "near" the money that builds the collective farm sauna, pool table and buys a new "UAZ". And it's sold at a time when the kolkhoz farm feed and no roof leaks, half of tractors and combines are broken, and the farmers running away to work in the district center. Money to give, of course, is not going to secretly hoping that they can "write off" the old soviet habit. He swears off on neighboring farms and chairmen of district executive committees, generously gives zubatychynami naughty machine operators and flirts with agranomavay wife, as he and his "civil divorce." He occasionally travels to the barbecue and fishing at the new "UAZ", to organize concerts of amateur, which invites celebrities from the Regional House of Culture, awards milkmaids and field crop nominal hours "Ray," calls "on the cover of" head of the farm, who "drove "a bottle of moonshine two bags of feed …

… And so on and so forth. Look carefully, dear friends, to our Belarusian reality, and you will see it the exact replica of the life-being retarded ordinary Soviet collective farm. No economics or politics here and close does not smell, no market stabilization and economic reform finance or we do not see as their ears — or two months or two years. There will be temporary calm, when the "district" throw our "farm" another credit bone. There will be regular reports on the bouncy next meeting of the collective farm. And then again — another failure, which again accused whether his "area", or nearby, or a dry summer or cold winter ".

And what is the fate of the farm in, Mr. Constantine? There will be no more subsidies from the district — very soon completely degraded: the fields overgrown with weeds, farms will fall apart, and the last farmers run away to find work in the city or in neighboring farms. But there is another option. In the area, watching all this, decide that it is time to change the chairman. The one who brought the economy to the handle, make an application to write "at will" and bring the collective farmers for the approval of the so-called "election" of a new nominee. However, there is another very sad for our collective conditional final: Chairman laid off, the office is closed and bankrupt economy is attached to the adjacent — big, not too effective and successful, but there equipment is new and the chairman of the more intelligent, and money in the bank to the rich …

At the end — a few short emails with reviews, suggestions from our listeners. Writes Alexander Markevich of Vileika:

"I sincerely thank all the staff of" Freedom. "You need people. Special thanks — Alexander Lukashuk: for sincerity, sensitivity, writers, talent possession word.

Wishing to you: continue to monitor the fate of those who were forced to leave Belarus — Michalevic, Radin, Gorbachev and other. "

Good point, Mr. Alexander. From time to time we get back to the themes and names, which previously held a significant place in our air. The fate of the opposition and civil society activists, who, under the pressure of political circumstances were forced to flee from Belarus — one of those topics.

And another letter — from Peter Vladamirskaga from the village Zhuravlevka Gomel region. The listener is convinced that Radio Liberty in Belarus jammed. He writes:

"Will you prove glushennya" Liberty "or not — our power will not be affected. How not affect the requirements and the release of all political prisoners. As they say in such cases:" A Vaska listens but eat. "The only thing that can still affect — so is the transfer of the hockey world championship in another state. Lukashenko This is truly worried.

And one more remark. Why would you tell us a weather forecast? This good enough and Lukashenka's radio and television. It is better to be increased at this time "Jingle Bells" or read an extra verse ".

The weather is not much time left, Mr. Petro, and many listeners (especially those who fundamentally do not want to include the state "-radio") just want to get this kind of information. However, we are grateful for the comments, we will discuss them and possibly take into account in its future work.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

The "PO Box 111" is aired every Wednesday.

The author can write to the address zdankov_rs@tut.by

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