Output in the Astral

Output in the Astral.

Each time after the physical body sleeps, the astral body is projected in the physical world. At that time, as the energy body is in the open state, the astral body floats just above the physical, within the sphere of influence of the field of the energy body. Within this area (also known as scope "silver thread"), the astral body, wrapped ethereal matter, is held close to the physical world. During a conscious astral projection it may appear that you are projecting straight into the astral plane. However, there is always an intermediate phase in the beginning of the projection, during which you exist in the form of the astral form close to the physical dimension. This objective part of any projection can go unnoticed if you lose consciousness at the moment of release. The area around the body (physical — SC) within the limits of the "silver thread" filled ethereal matter, and in this area the astral body is held close to the physical dimension.

Etheric matter

Etheric matter — a substance vital force produced by all living things and is just a result of the fact of the presence of life. It is intermediate between the physical and astral matter, have properties, partly inherent to both. Etheric matter has actual weight. This is a very subtle substance, which is a cross between matter and energy, similar to its coarser cousin — ectoplasm. Scientific research of this phenomenon. In the hospital bed with the doomed patients shortly before death were placed on a sensitive balance. Dying condition monitored by EEG and ECG monitors. In all cases, the exact moment of death, there was a sudden loss of weight dying, about a quarter of an ounce (7 grams — UK). This is caused by the fact that a huge amount of etheric matter is transferred to the astral body during physical death. Similarly, the sudden transfer of etheric matter into the astral body takes place during clinical death, when the body is convinced that he was dying. Sudden, massive transfer of etheric matter — it is the beginning of the process of dying.

Ectoplasm and Astral

Ectoplasm has been studied in a similar way. Materializing mediums were placed on an accurate scale, and their task was to project ectoplasm other precision balance. It has been noticed that mediums lose weight just as much as it gains were weighed ectoplasm. When mediums regained produced ectoplasm, weight change occurred in the opposite direction. Ectoplasm made chakras. They process of the physical body mass medium into another substance — ectoplasm. Contents Mezhplanovye manifestations Each nonphysical, neinkarnirovannoe education, including the astral body must contain etheric matter to real-time stay close to the physical dimension. Without the non-physical nature of etheric matter involve ago in the area of its natural existence. Etheric matter can only be obtained from living inhabitants of the physical world.

The flow of energy in the Astral vyhodav

The famous "silver cord" is intended to more than just the relationship between the two bodies together. This is a true umbilical cord, carrying out the transfer of energy and information between the physical and subtle bodies. She noticed not all projected. Sometimes it is observed flowing from the navel, sometimes from the forehead. Part of the body, which, as it seems, starts the "silver thread" may depend on the activity level of the chakras. That chakra, which is the strongest, most active, can control the flow of energy to the subtle body. Also note the system of representations of the issue of the projecting and the creative energy of the subconscious. The thread will be visible usually where you expect to see it, it is the etiquette of your subconscious. After logging into the astral dimension, the astral body must be well supplied with astral energy from the chakras, to be able to interact with the astral plane. Astral clear memory is highly dependent on available energy. But because the astral dimension — a natural habitat area of the astral body, the latter will not vyskolzat of it due to lack of energy. If in the real world people have not eaten or slept in days, it does not dissolve into another dimension.

It just becomes weak and lethargic, unable to interact with her, the physical world. What can you conclude? Astral mind must have enough energy to be able to play later clear, vivid memories. These astral memories must be strong enough to produce a measurable size gyrus in the physical brain with the expectation that after waking physical consciousness will remember what happened. If you have not slept for several days, you will be tired and sluggish, your interaction with reality will be weak and distracted. Watching the film in such a state, you are unlikely to remember much of what happens in it, is that some tp `clemr {, the memory of which will be very vague. But if you see the film being well rested, refreshed and full of energy, everything is completely different. You clearly perceive everything that happens in the movie and enjoy it. Your memories of him will later be crystal clear. So it is with a low-energy astral travel. Astral body does not have enough energy, so it does not remain any clear impressions of the projection. This does not allow him to dominate his memories when it comes back into the physical body. As I noted earlier, the stable, vivid memories occur when the brain images need to bend, the experience memorable.

Using the chakra at the exit to the Astral

Full activation of the chakras and learning control over, can take many years, depending on the innate abilities. However, this does not prevent you from using them in a very simple form — to achieve success in the WTO, and clear dreams at the beginning of your training. Energy storage and stimulate the chakras — incredibly simple to perform exercises. Obtained during the energy will automatically fill your astral body before and during projection. As the development of methods for energy and control its flow through the chakras, the nature of your dreams, bright dreams and the WTO will change. They will be living and unforgettable experiences. This arguably gives you a second life of adventure, you'll enjoy to help you learn and grow.

Higher levels and intermediate levels of the Astral

The following names are recognized for the seven known levels of existence, from the lowest to the highest: the physical, astral, mental, buddhic, atmic, Anupadaka and Adi. These higher planes are similar in structure to the astral dimension, but it is not contiguous with it, corresponding to a much higher level of consciousness. Between the various measurements are intermediate levels or Buffer zones, sometimes also referred to as sub-plans. A good analogy to the various dimensions of Buffer zones is the Earth's atmosphere. If the air of the atmosphere was the astral, the stratosphere would be the intermediate zone and the vacuum of space — a mental dimension. You can fly in Earth's atmosphere in a normal plane (astral body). Very powerful jets can take you into the stratosphere. But you need a spaceship (mental body) to travel in outer space. This explains why travel to every level of existence demands the subtle body. The astral body can attend the intermediate zone (or sub-plans) measurements above and below the astral if it qndepfhr appropriate type of energy. For example, for the existence of a buffer zone between the physical and astral levels (in real time), the astral body must contain etheric energy. For the existence of the buffer zone between the astral and mental levels, requires the presence of mental energy.

Astral Projection to higher levels

In the presence of a certain control over the chakras, you have the ability to produce the energy needed to visit the higher planes. Oprelennogo type of energy production will raise awareness to the appropriate level and replenish the energy corresponding to the subtle body. This is usually achieved by meditation, aimed at developing self-awareness, and enhanced energy work with the chakras. As a result, consciousness is able proetsirovtsya the desired level of existence. If the energy in abundance, the other under favorable circumstances, the meditator can directly project specific subtle body in its natural dimension. Depending on the level of development and innate abilities projecting along the way with a thin body is usually projected (leave the physical body — UK) and more coarse. The astral body contains all the other subtle bodies, and may at the time the projections highlight the mental body in the mental dimension, etc. This sometimes leads to a whole bunch of memories on his return to the physical body, and is usually the following applies: the subtle body, which contains the greatest amount of energy will have the clearest memories. Being dominant, they are the most well-kept natural reason after his return to the waking state. Conscious projection into the astral dimension above requires a high level of development. You must be proficient in self-awareness, and in the control of the chakras. But all this is doable. So far, I've had experience on the astral projections, mental, buddhic and atmic levels of existence. It is usually assumed that the person is possible in the astral projection, mental and buddhic plane, and can not visit the higher Adi and Anupadaka. But these measures have names, they have been described, so someone had to be there, otherwise they would have remained unknown. If you understand the nature of the mind, you will see that for him, there are no boundaries. Someone once said that the sound barrier is overcome ever. Note: traveling in subtle worlds, you will not see the plates, said "Welcome to the astral dimension, and ta-da-ah!" or "Mental dimension, watch your thoughts". Using common names, I'll describe those higher planes, which I have visited.

Astral dimension

This is the world "inside out", similar to that found Alice in Wonderland. Everything seems objective (real) but izmenichivo and fluidity. It can be found in just about anything, from the lowest and grossest sexual energy, ending the beautiful, serene place full of spiritual harmony. Time is distorted and stretched. Imaginary hour in the astral plane may be a few minutes in the physical world. Compared to the physical world, the astral vibrations presented much higher frequencies. It's like playing videos with twenty times the speed, invisible to those who are in the film. The movement of this space again is usually a shock or cause confusion for most projected. Requires a lot of experience to do any planned travel to the planned astral region. There are an infinite number of realities, plans, and dreaming of the kingdoms of areas in this dimension. As I said, they are distributed in space in layers of similar thoughts. During normal sleep, or in a clear dream, subconscious creates a separate area for you, your own dreamlike theater. When you become aware of yourself while you sleep, you take control of it. This control is acquired by the almighty subconscious. With its powerful influence your own kingdom will change. You will begin to tune in to other attractive part astral, a world in which you are located, will be mixed with others, my own appearance. During conscious projection into the astral dimension, you can tune in to any part of it, traveling to different worlds of dreams, or a mixture of several of these realities at once. There are various techniques, but all of them in one way or another to disorientation of your subconscious, trying to make his deception in other areas of the astral plane. It is very difficult to describe what you need to do to move from one level to another astral plane, you really have to learn this practice, by trial and error. We must learn to use and control the subconscious, to deceive him in order to get the desired result.

Astral Projection in virtual reality

Here is a simple reliable method that I developed to create their own reality, select a poster with a picture of something pleasant, something bright and sunny. The larger it is, the better, but the poster-size is also nice. Take him to the wall in the room in which you are going to be projected, or to another nearby next room. Find something like a small spotlight and set it up so that it is highlighted poster, when turned off the main light. , A regular bedside lamp. Place the light above or below the poster so that it completely covered the light, creating a sense of theater screen. Login to your own reality: during projection, find yourself near the poster, keeping silence your mind. Do not think about what you do, just stare at the poster and go in his direction. As soon as you do, your subconscious mind, deceived, will create exactly the reality of what is shown in the poster. Just go up to the posters and head inside it. This is how to enter into another world. Everything in this world will be exactly what it looks like in the poster. All seems normal three-dimensional world. This is an exact copy, indistinguishable from reality. To enter additional details in this world, attach the poster images of things or people you would like to see there, when you re-enter there. Do not stick as much as your photos. Take the scissors and carefully cut out the object or person. It is desirable that they were the same proportions as the poster itself. When you do this to someone's image, whether the person is alive or dead, your subconscious mind will create the proper thought form, which will be waiting for you next time. This can be an excellent way of communicating with those who have died. Actually, I have a theory on that. The subconscious mind creates a thought form of man, and the shell can move quite naturally, thanks to the excellent memory of your subconscious. But if between you and the person there was the love of a disembodied soul of man can be attracted to set up a scenario where it will have the ability to communicate with you, created by managing your subconscious way of his former body.

Buddhistic measurement

It is a warm, abstract world filled with absolute peace and infinite love. This measurement is pure white. There is no other visual or auditory perception here except vsepoglaschayuschego, brilliant white. In this measurement, you will soon leave aside the conscious mind and personality. You can not think for a long time, ono `b here, and you have no need or desire to do so. You feel an irresistible impulse, entailing you stillness of rest. It's like a dip in a clean white cotton. In this world, you cease to be an individual, becoming a part of the whole. You are a man or a woman. In some ways it is like returning to the womb. You are surrounded by, and impregnated poglascheny infinite warmth of love, understanding, forgiveness, and redemption of the compound (atonement — AT-ONE-MENT). The concept of time ceases to exist. If you find yourself in this world, you never, never want to leave. And you can not leave it until the physical body will not call you, and not pull back. This is a healing place for the soul, a place reclaimed its forces.

Aatmic measurement

This measurement is presented as the spirit world. Here the soul is waiting for those she loved for earthly existence. This is a happy meeting place, a place where there is a union of souls. The light of the world — clean, brightest silver. It brighter arc. It is so bright that it seems impossible to look at him. But with all this, it is the light of the highest, utmost tenderness, soft and soothing. It is the light of God's love. People here look similar to how they looked in the physical world, but in their extreme glory. They are ecstatic glow surrounded the brightest flame of love, happiness and joy that you can imagine. Atmosphere — exciting and imbued with energy, while at the same time deeply spiritual. In this world you can feel the presence of God as a tangible, vsepropityvayuschey force. Communication is done through vysokourovnego telepathic exchange images, similar to clairvoyance "one on one", being a much more alive and real. Words and thoughts are dead here. Time stands perfectly still. The reality is much more real than the "reality" of the ordinary world. Compared with the measurement atmic physical world — a vague, tired dream full of half-dead people. I was able to enter this dimension only four times in my entire life. Every time — through the deepest meditation, aimed at self-realization, all fully involved chakras.

Was incredibly active and crown chakra.

The feel of it were such, as if thousands of vibrating fingers massaged my head. In these four cases, the energy inside of me went up to impossible heights, taking away my soul and mind. At the climax of the mystical experience, I have heard a long, pure note, with slowly rising pitch. I felt that note the very basis of its existence, in my heart. She called me, pulling inward. I focused on that note, tuning in to her. Every slightest drop of his strength and energy that I had, I have focused my mind on it and project themselves inside it. Clearing the mind of your physical body, I got straight into this dimension.

This is similar to step through the heavy curtain into another world. I continued to feel your physical body, being in this duality, during the entire experiment. I was surprised to look around. Silver light is so bright that burns right through my soul, I feel its healing touch. There, in front of me — my long-dead son. He was 8 years old when he left me, and it looks exactly the same as when I last saw him alive. It radiates happiness, his eyes shine. I hugged him, hugging and crying with joy to see him again. Having looked a little further, I see a lot of people waiting for me. All my family, all my friends, whom I loved in the course of life, and which I had lost. Many people I see for the first time. But they all seem very familiar to me, I feel that I love them all. They clap their hands, jumping in place, welcoming me. How many tears of joy as hugs and kisses! Taking a look at what's behind them, I saw that we were in a sort of amphitheater, built of natural stone. Under the feet of our smooth rock climbing ridge a few hundred meters away and bent in our direction. At the top of the range — the Angels that look exactly like their painted by Michelangelo. They are incredibly beautiful, with large white feathered wings, curly golden hair and alabaster skin. They blow into long shining golden horns, and the pure high note comes from them. He stepped out of the crowd, I go out into the open. With awe awe looking at the angels, I wave at them. At the same time, the sound starts to fade, and the Angels lowered their horns. Endless time I stood in silence, looking around. Then everything starts to flicker, and I slips back into his physical body. I feel that I'm crying. I do not want to return.

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