Over a thousand temperature records set in the U.S. for the week

Because of the unusually warm weather in the outgoing week in the United States was established over a thousand temperature records for the different settlements, said Saturday the National Climatic Data Center in North Carolina.

Only on Friday there were 315 new absolute temperature records.

Despite the fact that most of the warm days of an unprecedented fall in the United States to the south and west coast of the continent, New York over the weekend enjoying not in the January warm weather — daytime temperatures reaching 16 degrees. Although up to the absolute record of the metropolis did not have two degrees — in 1907, the mercury rose to 18 degrees above zero.

And the coldest January 7 was in 1986, when New York held down the 14-degree cold.

The average temperature in the city in January varies between three degrees of frost and heat.

Saturday townspeople poured into Central Park in Manhattan, indulging in summer fun — roller skating, blowing soap bubbles, walks with ice cream, some brave souls have tried to sunbathe.

 Larisa Sayenko

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