Owners of gun shops fix U.S. record sales


Shooting in elementary school, "Sandy Hook" in Newton, Conn., has provoked a record sale of firearms in the United States. Recall from massacre by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, killing 26 people, including 20 children. How to find the owners of gun shops, sales growth is associated with the fear of the people in his life in connection with the recent developments and in order to protect themselves, Americans rush to buy weapons.

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"Our sales are astronomical. Our customers greatly concerned for their personal safety. There is no doubt that the high level of sales associated with this" — leads the USA Today Darkheymera words of Karl, the owner of the gun shop in the north-west of Portland, Oregon.

Last week, in a suburb of Portland, in the food court mall Clackamas Town Center, the unknown gave a real massacre. A man in a camouflage and with a white mask on his face, shouting: "I am the shooter!" began firing at the visitors. Two people were killed and one was wounded.

The owner of the gun shop in Oregon Carl Darkheymer also noted that the increase in sales contributed to the emotional speech of U.S. President Barack Obama, who after the tragedy in Connecticut vowed to do everything to protect children.

"We must be honest with ourselves. We do not do enough, we have to change. We can no longer put up with this tragedy must stop. If there is only one possible step to save the lives of our children, then surely we should try this do "- said the U.S. leader, referring to the possible introduction of a ban on the free possession of a weapon.

In Lubbock County, Texas, weapons dealer Mike Blackwell said that the increase in sales at his store increased long before the fire in an elementary school in Connecticut. "All the rush to acquire weapons, taking advantage of the Christmas discounts, but many sales are probably related to the recent incident," — he said.

The owner of the gun shop in Virginia Jim Jarrett also tried to find an explanation for the rapid pace of sales. Some of the calls, as he said, have been associated with the peak of Christmas, but the lion's share, according to him, — it is a reaction to the shootings in Connecticut and fears that in the future firearms disappear from free sale.

Recall, President Barack Obama ordered the government to develop a plan to restrict the flow of weapons, until the prohibition on the sale. Meanwhile, in the United States petition gun control in three days attracted a record number of signatures — more than 160,000, while for consideration by the government of such a document is sufficient and 25,000 supporters.

Currently States are in the first place by the number of weapons owned by the population, as well as the first place in the number of armed violence. In the United States die from bullets up to five times more often than in other advanced economies. In 2011, almost 33,000 deaths, of which 3,000 — children, more than 12,000 — the victims of murderers, 18000 — suicide. In addition, there have been about 600 more deaths by negligence. Despite this, the supporters of the right to gun ownership claim: "No weapons kill people. People kill each other."

According to statistics, almost every U.S. citizen owning a firearm. Pistol, revolver or rifle is in every other American family. How to write the "News" for the year in the United States sold more than 10 million weapons worth about $ 200 — $ 300. The leader in arms trafficking is Texas, where a license for a semi-automatic rifle can be obtained in 15 minutes, with citizenship or residency. Even easier to buy guns can be through advertisements, of which the newspapers and the Internet are vast.

The theme of the prohibition of weapons in the U.S. returned after 14 December a 20-year Adam Lanza opened fire in an elementary school, "Sandy Hook" in Newtown (CT). Opened fire with a rifle, he killed 26 people, including 20 children of the kindergarten, which is located on the territory of the educational institution. The house Lanza found several firearms. All of it was recorded at the Adam's mother — Nancy Lanzhou, which killed a first offender.

As it became known on Tuesday in the home of Adam Lanza investigators found new evidence — in particular, the computer that could store important information. However, they have not been able to find anything that would help shed light on the motives of the murder, since the hard disk is severely damaged. "It appears that Lanza specifically broke it" — results in The New York Times Police said. According to the guard of the order, the hard drive is damaged with a hammer or screwdriver.

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