Paleontologists have gathered over five years to create a dinosaur

November 9, 2012 0:35

The famous American paleontologist Jack Horner, in his time took part in the film "Jurassic Park", intends to enforce cinematic script and create a real live dinosaur.

According to scientists, there is nothing particularly difficult, and not even have to look prehistoric mosquito lands in pitch, barely having drunk dinosaur blood. Print the ancient reptile help create quite modern — those that, according to one theory, evolved from dinosaurs. We are talking about birds. "We will take as its starting point the chicken embryo and genetic engineering methods make him go back into the past, until the" pull out "dinosaur that lurks within him. Initially, it is not quite a dinosaur, but being with many of its features "- told the scientist. Subsequent 'odinozavrivanie "this creature takes, according to Horner, not too much time — five years, seven.

In the first stages in the chick embryo develops dinosaur traits: teeth, claws with three fingers

It should be noted that the very idea of creating "kurozavra" (or "dinokura" — whatever you like) is not so new. The first grand statements in the press on this subject were made a few years ago. For example, a colleague from Canada Horner Hans Larsson back in 2009 announced work on a similar project, while stating that he was inspired to deeds is an American paleontologist. But Horner himself is sitting on the ground. "When I was little, I dreamed of two things. The first — to become a paleontologist. Second — have their own dinosaur "- previously admitted scholar. In fact, it has become a paleontologist, and learning about dinosaurs, more and more, more and more enthusiastic about these prehistoric animals, and the desire to implement the second childhood dream of growing. And if you believe yourself Horner, before its implementation left nothing. "Kurozavr" with fangs — is almost a reality The process of creating a "kurozavra" as presented by Horner does not look so hard. But there are nuances, for example, grow a dinosaur from the ancient drop of blood, the same as in the "Jurassic Park", it is impossible. "If you take a piece of amber, inside of which — a mosquito, and take forth something of a mosquito, and then kloniruesh, and so many times, you get a whole room of mosquitoes. And yet — a whole bunch of trees — Horner joked at the conference TED Science Foundation last year. — So if you need a dinosaur DNA, it is necessary to search for a dinosaur. " Find him, according to the researcher, can be descendants of dinosaurs — birds. A chicken among them was chosen as the best-studied species. "We know it by heart the genome." "This is not just a genetic modification. We are going to wake atavistic genes in the DNA of birds and cause them to reappear — said paleontologist. — First you need to identify the specific genes in the genome of the chicken and change levels of certain proteins regulators. In the first stages in the chick embryo develops dinosaur traits: teeth, claws with three fingers. " By the way, the gene responsible for the presence or absence of teeth, have been found, so for now, scientists could theoretically create a chicken with teeth. But it is not a monster — a creature quite ordinary chicken size. But a few years later, when the scientists get to this dinosaur, the result of their work will not be dangerous. As a scientist said in an interview with Live Science, he wants to put a small plant-eating dinosaur. "I do take care to make my new home baby animals did not eat a rest of my pets or myself."

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