Parasitize the U.S. economy threatens humanity

Is the end of rotten financial neoliberalism, controlled by Zionists and their sinister triad of Hollywood — the media (in the style of the Rothschild-Murdoch and false channel Sky) — Central banks of the "Big Seven"

(In particular, the Federal Reserve, which was destroyed a couple of Greenspan-Bernanke) — IMF — World Bank and multinational banking institutions in Washington and London, completely divorced from reality, and do not understand the new balance of power in a multipolar world.

The global financial neoliberalism, the wildest kind of capitalism, is bursting at the seams as a result of powerful centrifugal forces that occur on its two main poles: in the U.S. that are not addressed to say aloud what they have defaulted and the European Union, some of whose members are mired in huge debts. Anglo-American media and their local minions call these countries — Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain — a contemptuous acronym PIIGS (the initial letters of the English spelling of the name of these countries). You may think that agonizing UK financial system (very similar to the financial system of the EU) is in the best conditions.

We are witnessing the collapse of the Anglo-American financial model and its globalization plans failed, which caused the damage peripheral countries, which were once conquered by military force. A parallel to this in today's multipolar world, new group of countries with rapidly growing economies. A striking example of this is the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and other successful markets.

The main problem lies in the mindset of architects policies on Wall Street and in Washington, DC (in this order) suffering "denial syndrome", characterized the first phase of the "post traumatic stress syndrome," in conjunction with the Samson syndrome ("fall not only himself, but also the other to carry off for themselves "), which reflects the essence of selfish rapacious Anglo-American-Israeli individualism.

United States, where nearly 3.3% of the world population — the country that won two world and one cold war, but tolerate a defeat on the battlefield early XXI century, from Afghanistan to Iraq — and no one has ever conquered and still have not learn to live with the rest of mankind, even on a "first among equals."

Despite the obvious and rapid decline, the U.S. persistently try to impose their outdated unilateral approaches, especially in the areas of finance, not paying any attention to the damage they cause with their neighbors ("neoliberal Mexico," which takes a masochistic delight American recipes) and "friends" (the European Union), not to mention the rest of humanity.

Two days before the downgrade of the sovereign debt of the U.S. is just one notch (from AAA to AA +, with a negative outlook credit ratings in the future) by the rating agency Standard & Poor's, enjoying a controversial reputation, his Chinese counterpart — the agency Dagong Global Credit Rating downgraded U.S. rating by two notches, giving them a qualification and even prevent its "plus", with negative implications for the future (Xinhua, 08/03/11). It should be noted that the Dagong Global Credit Rating is much more serious agency than the U.S. S & P, Moody's and Fitch, which perform the same function (paradoxically, Moody's and Fitch and left U.S. credit rating at AAA +). S & P downgraded the credit sovereign debt as soon as the United States raised the debt ceiling. Since this country is spending more than comes into the treasury, its ability to repay its enormous debt becomes less and less (I humbly suggest that it is generally not able to pay it.) The largest U.S. creditor is China. U.S. debt this country is 885.3 billion dollars. Moreover, two-thirds of China's international reserves (3.2 trillion dollars) invested in dollar assets.

Rating agency Dagong is concerned, "the prospect of a long (!) Recession in the U.S.", and the lack of effective protection of creditors of the country.

In the GOP plenty of true kleptomania that with Olympic serenity offered to stop paying debts to foreign creditors.

Can the U.S. repeat the scenario Argentine impasse? This possibility should not be ruled out.

U.S. should cut its budget deficit by at least $ 4 trillion in the next five years to meet its obligations, while the agreement between President Obama and Congress provides a reduction by only 2.4 trillion, which "reflects the lack of will (!) and the inability of (!) to reduce the budget deficit and the amount of debt, "the report said the agency Dagong.

The People's Bank (in fact, the Central Bank), Zhu Xiaochuan (Zhou Xiaochuan)-a much more effective and serious than the predators of the Federal Reserve System and the Greenspan-Bernanke, urged the U.S. to "act responsibly in relation to its debt» (Money News, 3 / 8/11). He wants too much from them.

If we evaluate the actions of the U.S. in a broader sense than just empty chatter, did not know Zhu Xiaochuan, the U.S. is not able to pay your debt, and do not want to do that?

Official Chinese media heavily criticized absurd theatrical farce on the subject of contention between the White House and Congress, and evaluates the acute problem of U.S. debt as a "time bomb", is a "special concern for China (!)".

Can the United States will declare China a few days ago that did not pay its debt, not to mention the other creditors, poor fellow, such as "neoliberal Mexico"?

Right was the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin, disposing untold energy, calling the U.S. "a parasite (!) World Economy" (Reuters, 8/1/11) that live beyond their means, while the "dominance of the dollar is a threat ( !) financial markets. " As the head of the Russian government, the U.S. is trying to shift its problems to the rest of the world. Putin stressed that Russia has accumulated a significant amount of debt obligations of the U.S. Treasury, proposing in this regard "to introduce other reserve currencies."

All this is not easy and takes time. And these are financial predators, parasites, that is, bankers neoliberals "Big Seven" and oligarchic plutocracy in Washington and London.

Gerashchenko, the former chairman of the Central Bank, knowing the tricks of his fellow parasites from the "Group of Seven", as experienced in their own lives, we have observed that the problem is in the "dominant position of the dollar", from which is not easy to get rid of and which "holds afloat globalization "(would add: financial globalization), continue to cause damage to the rest of the world. All this is a harbinger of "imminent collapse (!)» (ICH, 5/8/11).

As I wrote in my recent book, "A hybrid multi-polar world» (El h? Brido mundo multipolar), released in 2011 published by Orfila editores, stop using the dollar as a global means of payment (currently this is the obligatory world currency, which helps in 60% of commercial transactions, that is actually the largest financial global dictatorship that has ever existed in history), and the Balkanization euros (almost 25% of transactions) will lead to the most serious losses for two reasons:

1) So far, there is no credible currency that would replace the dollar;

2) extends the "war of currencies", instead of reaching a reasonable agreement between the bankrupt "Big Seven" and the growing power of the BRICS countries for the purpose of restructuring the global financial system. And that is the real tragedy of the planet

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