Participants of the forum of the Council of Europe did not let the demonstrators


Yerevan to host forum of the Council of Europe, "the Future of Democracy." Among the participants — five representatives of Belarus.

During the discussions at the forum, participants discussed the subtleties of democratic procedures — first of all we are talking about the new challenges faced by the developed democracies. A separate discussion of the Belarusian topics in Yerevan during a meeting is not provided. This forum — the sixth Council of Europe holds such shares since 2005.

Belarus to participate in the work of the panels in the Armenian capital, are representatives of the East European School of Political Studies Valentine Palevikova and Alexander Dobrovolsky, coordinator of educational projects of the "For Freedom" Daria Slabchanka, employee of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Vladimir Shcherbov and a representative of the independent expert organization, spokesman for the potential presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk Anna Krasulina.

October 19, the opening day of the forum, the opposition forces of Armenia held a protest. Despite the interest of the forum of the Council of Europe before the rally, they were not allowed to talk to the demonstrators, said in an interview with our radio Anna Krasulina:

"We were quickly bring in a bus and drove past the demonstration outside the gates of the Government Reception House, where the forum. And we have not been able to reach out to people and get information. Forum organizers attributed this to the need to guarantee our safety …

The demonstrators stood behind makeshift bars. Part people were dressed in striped uniforms, and these people have shown that they want to escape from prison. They were holding an inscription with a reminder of the victims of the regime, but also reminded of the 13 political prisoners in Armenia. The demonstrators continued to share the evening — waiting for the participants of the forum will come from the House Government Reception after the sessions of the forum. "

Armenian opposition said that the rally was organized to draw the attention of Europeans on human rights violations in Armenia. The protesters demanded the release of opposition leaders in prison in connection with the post-election events of March 2008, to identify and punish those responsible for the events to restore peradavanne independent of "A1 +" and hold early presidential and parliamentary elections.

Before the beginning of the forum of the Council of Europe a number of Armenian NGOs and human rights organizations have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that they were not included in the number of participants.

A group of Armenian organizations also issued a joint statement addressed to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Yaglyandu. The statement noted that Armenia has not fulfilled the requirements of the resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and placed a call to Yaglyanda visit his visit to Yerevan, the opposition, who were arrested in connection with the events of March 2008.

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