People do not believe that the votes will be counted fairly



Plans for the collection of signatures exceeded

The leaders Brest election headquarters of opposition politicians say that the plans for the collection of signatures executed. Now begins the preparation for the nomination of representatives to election commissions, as well as to the campaign.

Nicholas Bucket

In support of Vladimir Neklyaeva in Brest collected 12,530 votes. The head of the regional initiative group Nicholas Bucket notes that planned to collect in the regional center about 10,000 signatures. In this case, the unexpectedly high results obtained from the pickets. At the beginning of the campaign it was assumed that the main focus will be given to the action "door to door":

"The plan we exceeded. Petitions still continues, although I insist on the fact that it is worth thinking about saving resources, both human and material. Now start working on the nomination of representatives to election commissions."

The planned 5,000 signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk in Brest also collected.

The members of initiative groups have started to register a signature in the territorial commissions. The representative of the initiative group Andrei Sannikov Olesya Gurin notes that during the visit of the territorial commission of the Moscow district of Brest had a lot to wait for the employee on the phone consulting with the head of the commission:

"A member of the commission has recorded our letters in the log that looks like a simple notebook, without appropriate stamps, firmware. Man for the first time included in the commission. She said she did not know what to do, as long as there were no people who b recorded signature.'s hard to understand the logic, as the democratic forces offered their representatives who have experience. "

A member of the UCP Sergei Magonov was included in the regional committee. According to him, the commission just started work. The first meeting, and now commission members are on duty during which submitted written statements, complaints, percentage of users. One of the complaints concerned persons without certificates collected signatures for the current head of the country. In the end, it is not considered an offense. She came with a complaint and a woman who offered to subscribe for more candidates, says Sergei Magonov:

"I explained to her that it did not breach the law does not prohibit, and vice versa — allows you to subscribe at least for all the candidates. She left a statement, so the writing will get the answer."

The democratic forces only started negotiations on the nomination of members to the precinct commission. Separately from the planned extension of the BPF 100 people.

Vitebsk Region

Call for help Milinkevich

Vitebsk group of potential candidates who have not yet reported the delivery of 100,000 signatures have begun to take an active subscription lists.

The earliest proponents were Ales Mikhalevich, said activist Tamara Karizna:

Tamara Karizna

"Once we passed the October 19 signing of Ales Mikhalevich — 2000 May Day in October and executive committees. First was, it appears, the initiative group of the incumbent president, and we were the first of all the opposition candidates. Why have started to take the signature did not keep them at home? Therefore, people signed up for Ales Mikhalevich deliberately and we are not afraid of no checks! "

The coordinator of the initiative group of Vitebsk Alexander Kuznetsov reports that in them — a slightly different tactic. Donating signatures suggest October 28-29, as one of the most intense days of work — is still to come:

"Sunday will come to us Milinkevich, and we hope that it will help us gather signatures for our candidate Gregory Kastusiou. There is a situation that we do not have enough signatures quite a bit! Milinkevich believes to take part in a demonstration near the "blue house," and I encourage everyone to join — sign their names. "

Team Coordinator Statkevich, Vitebsk activist Alexei Gavrutikov believes that it is neither too hasty nor postpone the surrender of the signatures on the last few days:

Alexei Gavrutikov collecting signatures

"Yesterday, as a member of the initiative group Statkevich I passed the district administration in the October 64 petitions — 969 signatures. Wow and sorry for myself, and the commission — it is then checked the signatures! So let and check."

Certain margin of time and effort, according to Mr. Gavrutsikava should stay still and to stand-democracy activists in the precinct election commissions:

"All political structures have decided to nominate representatives. But it turned out that on October 29 finishes collecting signatures, and 31 th — an advance in the district commissions. 31st — it's Sunday, so that the actual nomination committee has also completed the 29th, in Friday. I think is problematic is the political forces to join forces on the two stages. So massive extension, probably will not. "

In Vitebsk Regional Election Commission managed to get the only representative of Democratic Forces — Regional Secretary of the party "Fair World" Nicholas Selivashko.

His fellow party member from Orsha Nikolai Demidov told us about the plans for participation in the work of district election commissions have the democratic activists Orsha region: about 25 people are expected to be allocated to the Commission, but four times — observers. According to Mr. Demidov, the work of observers may be more effective:

"In the Commission will allocate 12 persons of our party members, but in general — under 25. Another three people — a Tolochinsky District. Observer A plan of four 15-minute sections, and generally under 80 observers distinguish. We want to have an early voting and election day for all four of our voters are literally over the heads of thought — it was during the early voting place the biggest fraud on turnout. "

Grodno region

The opposition wants to get in each precinct commission

In almost all regions of Grodno collectors of signatures for opposition candidates started checking of signatures and almost all claim to have no problems.

Almost all are worried about what will happen as the formation of election commissions, which actually control the counting of votes. Members of the opposition parties claim that for each segment they will offer one or more candidates.

Ales Dergachov

Ales Dergachov, human rights activist with the experience, not sure that will include members of the opposition in the election commissions.

Dergachov: "And do not tolerate, and two and three and one. I have not included in the territorial and the court did not help. They said that the criteria for this may be different, they are determined by the executive committee and the appeal can not be, because they are not provided by the legislation. "

The head of the Slonim district Ivan Sheha said that this year the c
ollection of signatures involved a lot of new people are not politically engaged, from the workers, peasants, who want to change the country. But during the signature verification revealed that errors are rare and they are minor.

As for the formation of precinct election commissions, Ivan Sheha recalls that they and this year there are skilled candidates from the ranks of opposition organizations that are willing to work with dignity in every precinct commission. However, he does not believe that the authorities there to turn them on.

Sheha: "This world now is — wrong. Right now start forming committees — and will be seen as soon as elections are held. And, in my opinion, if the commission will be formed again without opposition members have all the candidates together to star …"

Vladimir Krutikov

An activist from Lida Vladimir Krutikov, which is collecting signatures for Andrei Sannikov — also for such a proposal. He said that the step of collecting signatures showed obvious thing: Lukashenka has no support of the majority, and the government again sfalsyfikuyuts election results if the commissions will not be members of the opposition.

Krutikov: "For everyone to understand that no 80% do not support it. This became evident, especially in the city — is obvious. By the way signed in conversations, people finally feel themselves because they're working somewhere, communicate with other people. But people do not believe that the votes will be counted fairly. "

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