People sign with the words: Just not for Lukashenko

Noticeably colder, and the work of the action teams to collect signatures for the presidential candidates has become more complex. But on the streets of the cities on the pickets are collecting signatures, put some small tents. The initiative group must collect 100,000 signatures by reagistratsyi for their candidates.

On the course of this campaign from the regions of Belarus, told reporters, "Freedom."

Gomel Oblast

"For the opposition in principle"

Picket to collect signatures for Lukashenko.

In Gomel, the new department store, where signatures are being collected, formed a kind of testing ground for potential voter sympathies to the presidential candidates.

Picket to collect signatures for Lukashenko is what is called, in the human stream. But the most active citizens signed just for opposition nominees — Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Neklyayev, Nikolai Statkevich. Their pickets are located nearby, but how would picket in front of the incumbent head of state.

A woman who identified herself as Helen, just sign for the leader of the People's Gromada:

"For Statkievich. For the opposition in principle! Lukashenko has, frankly, had stayed. Needs to be changed — the country is going nowhere. Even with all we had a falling out — and with Russia, and with everyone. And he covers and concealed. You look on the internet — all against him. And then he goes with her little son, then with someone else than. Is it done so? "

Pickets for opposition nominees.

A middle aged man is signed for the nominees of the opposition:

"I — for all opposition! It must change! And about Statkievich I only official press and television know: he organizes rallies, the other shares. And always fought against the regime. "

Intelligent-looking woman posing signature for Sannikov:

"For Andrei Sannikov. After all, this man was the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. Perhaps, for Neklyaeva subscribe. If Lukashenko will, I think, would be something terrible. There were no significant changes in the country did not happen. In my view, it is becoming worse and worse with his rule. Having said that, and to my family. "

The collectors of signatures in recent days enticing warm winter clothes, because the street is now much colder. And standing in the picket must for 7-8 hours or more. But the mood of the collector is good — people are not promoted to the opposition as "thugs", but as agents of change in the country.

Yevgeny Yakovenko

His observations divided Yevgeny Yakovenko, collector of signatures for Neklyaeva

"I've been here, if I'm not mistaken, the ninth day. The tendency is that in the early days there were many people who came to the alleged provocation — were trying to take something, something to carry. In short, the cause of a violation of the law. Three days later it was all over. Now people have signed quite active — mainly Neklyaeva, for Sannikov.

We are in solidarity, please sign up and for the rest of the opposition candidates. Many first signed with these words: "Just not for Lukashenko." The mood in the community has clearly changed compared with the same year 2006. "

Grodno region

"People come to the site and are campaigning against Lukashenko"

The Grodno region collectors of signatures for opposition candidates confidently say that rack up enough signatures for its candidates.

Oleg Romashkevich collecting signatures for Vladimir Neklyayev and Andrei Sannikov in Berestovitsa area. Says that people are mostly positive about these candidates and put their signatures.

According to him, people often do not know anything about the opposition candidates, but still put their signatures to Lukashenko were competitors. But about a third of the people who walked Oleg Romashkevich, said that the signature of only for Lukashenko.

Romashkevich"Accused me that I zombified Polish TV. We have four Polish channels, and each of them can be seen a variety of politicians who do not agree with the president. So I supposedly zambiravala Polish TV and the Belarusian — no. It proved to me and the young men he — agronomist on the farm, and she — the teacher. "

There were those apartments of which people went as a family to the site, agitated all the neighbors …

In Vawkavysk activist who is collecting signatures for Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrei Sannikov, says: beating two 36-apartment house, he is only three apartments heard that the owners will sign for Lukashenko.

Mr."There were some apartments, of which the people went as a family to the site, agitated all the neighbors and the whole area signed for opposition candidates."

In Svisloch district collector of signatures said that the information reaches the villages people only with the district newspaper. People absolutely do not even know how many applicants are collecting signatures to become a candidate for president, and who they are personally.

However, he said, young people tend to join the opposition candidates, but felt like people holding back the contract system. Mr. recalls an interesting incident when he drove four women in a car from the village of Verdomichi and invited them to sign up for the opposition candidates.

Mr."And there begins a quarrel among them. One of them was the administration of the collective farm, and she collected signatures for Lukashenko. She told them in plain text: just signed up for Lukashenko, more than for anyone you can not. And with all this, the girl in front of her did not give their names because the information — the contract system. "


My grandmother listened to her grandson

In Brest, the majority of pickets, which collects signatures for nomination of candidates, is located in the center of the city. Near "Belarus" and the Central Department Store signatures collected for the incumbent head of state. Alternative candidates picket near the Central Market.

Zinaida Mikhnyuk, a member of the initiative group of Andrei Sannikov, said that almost all the inhabitants of the area and visit the Central Market are signing for alternative candidates. As for the features of the current campaign, the Mrs. Zinaida says: Now the older generation does not impose his views, and listens to the younger:

"Some time ago, we received a grandmother and a handful held out a piece of paper with the names of Sannikov, Romanchuk and Neklyaeva. According to old ladies, their names written her grandson and demanded that she sign up for these individuals. In this case, the old woman even asked us to somehow indicated that she was here. Thus, older now listen to their children. "

Alexander Anto
, a member of the initiative group, which collects signatures for Statkevich says that citizens often come to meet with alternative candidates. After all, information is only possible on the picket lines:

"Most are signing for the order to be an alternative. Elections provide for decision-making and direct the choice itself. Many very interesting views of potential candidates and their extracts of future programs. "

Not without provocation, said signature collectors. Most often it happens that a person who does not have a passport, they are asked to make a signature sheets. The loudest thing happened to the collectors of signatures for Vital Rymasheuski who hung out a white-red-white flag. Young drunken approached the collector and tried to rip the flag.

From time to time at the Central Market are the protesters for Alexander Lukashenko. However, some people put the signature of the current head of the country, says the head of the initiative group of Vital Rymasheuski Dmitry Shurhay:

"We see that people have little suited to them. And if they are suitable, it is very often express their discontent. By the way, seeing that we hung out a white-red-white flag in a group of a young man who during the day is holding the national flag and waving to them. "


Elections 2010

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