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The people who miraculously pass death, saying that they were "charmed". Indeed, there are many conspiracy allegedly allowing a person to escape death, but practice shows that they are not particularly effective.

For example, about Pugachev said that he was a witch, a spell from a bullet, a knife, poison, and other hazards. However, all these conspiracies have not prevented the executioner deprive Pugacheva lush little head.

But the most famous was charmed Swedish King Karl XII. According to legend, a kind of witch made him almost immortal. Kill Charles could only items belonging to him. Charles XII was shot Nov. 30, 1718 shot in the temple. According to legend, the fatal bullet, deprived of his life, was made of buttons of his uniform with the king himself.

Charles XII and Mazepa after Poltava on the banks of the Dnieper

This "bullet-button" for many years kept in a museum in Varberg in western Sweden. Over time, belief in conspiracies against bullets somehow subsided, but the people who luckily avoided death, often referred to as a charm. From well-known politicians gained a reputation Blessed U.S. President Gerald Ford.

In September 1975, he survived two assassination attempts, and both times by a happy coincidence escaped the danger. September 5, 1975 to him with a gun jumped Lynette Fromme, consisting of a gang of Charles Manson. When the security officers grabbed her, she's in a trance repeating: — The gun did not fire, did not shoot!

Examined the gun and found that he snapped when Frome pulled the trigger. September 21, 1975 Ford tried to shoot Sara Jane Moore, left-wing activist. This time the terrorist gun did not disappoint. But a moment before a police officer shot Oliver Sipple hit her on the arm — the bullet went down the rebound and hurt random person. But Ford was unhurt.

Gerald Ford died at the age of 93 and became a life-long resident of the U.S. presidents. However, the most charmed among politicians certainly is Cuban Comandante Fidel Castro. On his life attempted 637 times. It is said that attempts to eliminate Fidel CIA spent $ 120 million. What did the CIA not taken to remedy it: submit snipers, mining machinery, tried to poison food, cigars, a pen, and even a scuba mask under the sea shell bomb in the place where Fidel doing scuba diving.

In 1978, over two million bucks hired kamikaze, which was to swoop down on a plane with explosives in Castro's office window. Nothing helped. Fidel Castro was very much alive. But the Cubans know the secret of invulnerability Comandante Fidel. They say that once upon a time the high priestess of voodoo in Haiti gave him a charm amulet with dried blood and powdered language of the African magician, who takes away from it all woes.

Not everyone can learn — he said the bullet or not? Basically, it has to check for yourself just the military, police and gangsters. And some of them really gained the reputation of a spell.

Here are just a few stories. Several years ago, the press described the unusual criminal history, which formed the basis of the criminal case, which investigators dubbed the "business of Rasputin." Very much part of the story reminded circumstances of the murder of Grigory Rasputin. As Prince Yusupov figured it merited master of sports of water polo, which was named in an article by Sergei Kuptsov.

After completing his sports career, he opened his own coffee shop. That's just the beginning of it instead of profit yield losses. Merchants got into debt, and there is quite the way he was offered financial assistance to certain Nikolai Sobinov, a former boxer, convicted for the rape and possession of weapons. Altruist Sobinov does not, he promised to pay off his debts Kuptsov only on condition that he will revise it ownership of the cafe.

True as compensation promised to it remain free stolovatsya catering at this point and he will regularly receive a share of its profits. Sobinov not only did not hide their affiliation with organized crime, but also boasted of it. In fact, he threw Kupcov corny, but when he realized this, he decided to return to lay their hands on the cafe.

One evening, when Sobinov traditionally an eating at a cafe with a friend, both of them suddenly felt ill: headache, pulled off to sleep. They went into the back room, and sat down there on the chairs and then cut. Shortly into the back room came Sergey Merchants with his son Artem. First, they are well beaten unconscious lads, and then shot them. Each have thrust a bullet in the head, and to be sure Sobinov made another shot to the mouth.

Then he wrapped the corpses in plastic and shoved them in the freezer. After that merchants Sr. went to the "Mercedes" of the late Sobinova to hide it in a safe place, and the youngest decided to have a snack after labors and sat down at a table in a cafe. But all appetite gone, when he saw who enters the room. And there was part Sobinov himself. After a stay in the refrigerator face was deathly pale, and the input from the bullet holes and blood made him just awful. But it is quite clearly a dead man cried foul.

When Artem slept with consternation, he pulled out of the room faster than deer. And when the officers came to their senses cafe, they rushed to the aid of the owner. His hastily washed his bandaged and sent a taxi to the hospital. It is true before going to Sklif Sobinov ordered to take him to church. But doctors at the hospital incredibly surprised his survivability. He removed the two pieces of lead from the skull and mend in the back. It turned out that the "control" a bullet in his mouth, went right through a collarbone. A month Sobinov quite oklemalsya and was discharged from the hospital. So he was luckier than Rasputin.

This story happened back in socialist times. The traffic police captain Vaclav Beksha and Lieutenant Victor Verbitsky at the crossroads in the town of Druskininkai, Lithuania SSR stopped to check the "Lada" with four men inside the car. Men were bandits, returning from a robbery. They arouse the suspicion of the cops, and they asked them to follow them to the police department. Men tried to bribe police, but they showed integrity.

Then, fearing exposure, gunmen shot Verbitsky, and then nab osilis an unarmed Beksh. First, beat him and then dragged him into a police car. Drive it away to a secluded place, the criminals shot twice in Wenceslas, and then threw him a stick of dynamite in the car, and then left for his "Lada". Explosion, police car parts were scattered in a radius of hundreds of meters. The remains of the car and the clothes on contused Bekshe lit up.

Through the pain, he managed to get out of the car and going for a drive in the snow "repaid clothes. One can only marvel given how beaten, wounded, shell-shocked, burned and frozen Beksha was able to overcome about a mile through the woods, before you get to human habitation. He held on and did not lose consciousness until the moment has not informed the policemen drove up signs of criminals.

Meanwhile, criminals have had time to leave the territory of Lithuania hours hiding in the Kaliningrad region. But soon their calculated and detained. During the arrest, two of them were shot, and the rest chose to surrender. They found two rifles, three pistols, three sawn-off shotgun, several grenades and sticks of dynamite. And Vaclav Beksha survived, doctors said that he was born in a shirt.

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