People — the artificial creation? — A. Sklyarov

August 12, 2012 9:18

In search of an answer:
Man — a creature of nature, or an artificial creation? — Andrey Sklyarov
Aired: 08/07/2012

in 2006, 15 year-old girl from St. Petersburg has sued the Ministry of Education, accusing the ministry is that students are taught only the evolutionary theory of Darwin, presenting it only right. The girl demanded that the textbook was attended by all hypotheses about the origin of life on earth, including the creation. The act provoked a stormy debate. Over the course of the process followed almost all the media. Truth of the matter is convinced modern science in the origin of man from apes — almost sounded. Meanwhile, researchers have found a lot of facts to confirm a very different picture of the origin of man. Today, there are hundreds of alternative theories, the main of which are considered kreotsionistskaya, divine, evolutionary and space (panspermia). So is the man whose creations?

Nature, God or aliens? Perhaps everything happened very differently? Discuss contentious issues, to weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of various theories of the origin of man in the program invited renowned researcher, writer, traveler — Andrew Y. Sklyarov.

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