People want to love a presidential candidate


Drakakhrust: Elections, all absolutely free, even not free — it is always communication, rendezvous with the people, which, as they say, gives a different surprise. Politicians and wider — an independent company, have a certain understanding of the people, its needs and the tendency to "buy" the ideas and meanings that politicians and independent society they have to offer. And now, while collecting signatures for candidates is a meeting of "sellers" and "buyers" of this unique product. The benefit of this time the authorities do not repair any obstacles signature collectors, so that communication is more or less freely.

Here's Yuri is now a regular in the rally for Gregory Kastusiou Komarovskoe on the market in Minsk, becoming a popular demagogue local market women. Demagogue in the Greek sense — those who speak with the people.

So what are your impressions? What a surprise?

ChausovYuri, in a strange way you painted the marketing model of politics — the buyer, the seller, in a strange way is not suitable for Komarovka. On Komarovka people come for fruit and vegetables and other food, and the habit of gaining political projects in our society yet.

As for surprises, for mene was a surprise that a large number of opposition candidates, their diversity, not forced voters to understand their policy proposals and positions. About half of those who signed for the opposition candidates, signed by all of the opposition candidates, pickets which are next.

The candidates should not be afraid of accusations of radicalism.

Of course, there are a number of valid voters who study the programs and proposals of candidates, such programs have. From conversations with this part of the voters I would do such a conclusion parade for candidates. The candidates should not be afraid of accusations of radykalizme. Some people have willingly signed for a radical liberal Romanchuk, the white-red-white flag collecting signatures nationalists from the BPF for their candidate also willingly signed the electorate. People sign for less faceless candidates with an uncertain platform that and hunt with the hounds and do not have anything to say to voters in particular. Bezasabovasts, bezablichnasts harm relations with a real specific voter.

Drakakhrust: Victor, what a surprise, you saw the extraordinary behavior of the people during the campaign, visiting picket lines many candidates, listening to people talk in public transport and in shops? Opinion polls capture a certain ranking drop Lukashenko, at least the absence of the usual pre-election recovery. But his loss does not become the property of his opponents. However, as fixed by the desire to significantly change. It is somehow evident in the behavior of people?

Maliszewski: For me it was a big surprise that the authorities generally do not participate in these elections. They put some pickets, but it is interesting that the pickets for Lukashenko exhibited mainly where there are pickets opposition candidates. I have to stop, which is inconvenient for the collection of signatures, some of the candidates put picket and immediately came close picket Lukashenko.

The most interesting thing that the pickets Lukashenko nothing at all. Says "For a strong and prosperous Belarus" and all. But this past campaign slogan in 2006. They are not even bothering to prydumvannem new slogan. I really went on pickets, talked with picketers, including the president of the team — they do not know what to talk to people. But the same thing I can say about pickets opposition politicians. When you approach them and ask for a program to tell the candidate, they are one

Pickets for Lukashenko exhibited mainly where there are pickets opposition candidates.

voice say they do not have the right to tell the program. Although it is clear this is nonsense, they have the right to tell the program. They just do not know what to say.

On the other hand the opposition is trying to do with the collection of signatures show. 5 years ago was nothing like the show during the picketing was not.

DrakakhrustVladimir, and you notice any changes in people's behavior?

Podgol: First, while there are no elections, people do not choose. Rightly said Chausov that people sign for everyone. The first difference — it is a call for opposition Lukashenko signed, otherwise they will collect signatures. Like, be humane and kind — help the weak. This has not happened.
The second point. I have been on the picket line in Chausova, signed, I live next to Komarovka. Now you, Yuri, talked about the election in terms of "buy-sell" such merkantylizatsyya elections — "buy" political platform policy. And I saw in the debate when pickets Kastusiou when pickets Romanchuk, near the pickets Lukashenko that people want to fall in love with a presidential candidate. And in the debate it was felt when lukashisty argued why Lukashenko best. There are disputes occur, and the old woman

From love to hate Lukashenko to step foot and entered a voter to do this step.

grandparents argue: a lot of time, something already bought and started a dispute. They are a little "buy" policy or to give him a voice, they want to love politics. And there is no such. And even Lukashenko is not a favorite, as was the last presidential election. Something broke. From love to hate one step and the foot of the voter included to make this step. And this is reflected in the falling ratings, which state the sociologists. But it has not yet got to the site where it says "hatred."

DrakakhrustViktor has already started talking about the style of the current campaign. One gets the impression that it is — is not the most creative and fun of those that have observed in Belarus. Whether it is a feature of only one candidate — Vladimir Neklyaeva who signs an agreement with the cat and who collects signatures for the current "Miss Tits"? Or is it all a new style, a new language talk about politics? And if so — that the arrival of postmodernism in the domestic policy of the Belarusian society says?

MaliszewskiYes, it can be said that this year's bread policies discourage bloggers, bloggers are usually eager to see and identify the comic in the situation. Can Nekljaev really interesting thing is his campaign.

But I would like to note that all of these seals, talking about big money — it's all in despair, it is a reactive policy. Here he is caught in the fur seals — he had to somehow respond joke. He has money — he needs to spend it. Here they are and spend.

Petrasyany collect halls, but that does not mean that these rooms will vote for Petrosian.

In 2001 Kryzhanovsky trying to be funny, but it is not really happened. Petrasyany collect halls, but that does not mean that these rooms will vote for Petrosian.

One politician, former showman, once said: "I always got more applause than the votes." Bursts difficul
t to turn into votes. But the applause, too bad.

DrakakhrustVladimir, we have gone about it the images of the candidates. Here's Yuri said that people are more willing to sign for candidates with a clear appearance. But you expressed an interesting idea — that people want to fall in love with a candidate. But love does not arise because of the thought of the program. Perhaps in these times of a clear ideological message and do not, can the ideological debate — is generally a legacy of the past, and the political process turns into a "beauty contest" — who abruptly that palittehnalyagichny come up with a cool trick? Gesture of remembering all the image worked at all, with all the fun laugh. And the ideological position — a dinosaur pryrechany to extinction?

PodgolAll goes together. But I'll tell you some of his observations. Lukashenko love of the electorate, "fallen off" due to the fact that he began to fight with the Kremlin.

And these people — she just loves Russia — a corrupt, criminal, and still love. And went against Lukashenko. And he lost the love of the people, but not won the love of the people for independence and sovereignty. Absolutely.

Need some kind of policy action, including by Lukashenko to love it. No — all gray, including Lukashenko.

We Neklyaeva was the stroke of genius poetic quote, blank verse, "I love Russia, this is my daradinnae, from his father." Yet unborn, Nekljaev have loved Russia into the bosom of Mother Belarusians. But he said the compliment and all the Russians.

If Nekljaev wrote his words of love letters to the Russian meter pickets at all, he would have taken the Lukashenko constituency. Another thing, as if he was treated nationally-conscious people who are for independence and cultural revival.

And if you look at all, then we need some action from the policy, including on Lukashenko to love it. No. Today, all potential presidential candidates, NO action. There is no such person, which one would have said, "Ah!" And the other — "Oh, you're an …". No — all gray, including Lukashenko.

DrakakhrustYuri, and you agree that the parish is a certain postamadernizmu in Belarusian politics? Or is it just a feature of Neklyaeva?

Chausov: I do not see anything surprising. There is a company that has a certain amount of money and the budget needs to be implemented. In addition to this reason, there is a subjective and objective. Now there are several opposition candidates who need to stand out, to invent some "chips". And the fashion world spin doctors — not prydumvanni ideological tempting ideological positions and proposals. In a world that is tired of grand narratives, politics is show, it is to motivate those who are not interested in politics. And it ricochet and in Belarus, where people also depoliticized, but for a different reason — the fact that we do not have a competitive political space.

In a world that is tired of grand narratives, politics is show.

DrakakhrustViktor said that policies in this remind us bloggers. In a sense, pioneers stsebnaga style Belarusian policy was during the local elections blogger Eugene Lipkovich. It is, however, only reached registration stage, but the style of his company noticed by many. And then debut Eugene and walking the current campaign makes the question of the impact on society and the role of the political process of the new media, I mean the internet. Frequent visitors to the Internet, social networks, blogs — is, in the words of Trotsky, "barometr revolution," avant-garde, opinion leaders, and the most online — nayefektyvneyshy tool of political mobilization, or Belnet — a sect, if any, and is capable of revolution, only there for themselves, in a virtual space, which does not affect the real? Vladimir

Podgol: Here is the same as what I said about the loss of love and the fact that the leg just above the site inscribed "hate", but not yet delivered. Same with our internet. If cell phones we have now more than 9 million, then use the Internet a lot less people. Internet space is really comfortable to mobilize students, active people who have nothing to lose, to urge them to the square.

Bloggers every man loves himself and never fall in love with any presidential candidate.

Difficult to fall in love over the internet, bloggers every man loves himself and never love any presidential candidate. Maybe 10 years from now, when every grandmother will have a computer with a monitor and the Internet … But so far on this leg just entered.

DrakakhrustVladimir, you said about mobilization. The same Lipkovich complained then, during his campaign that he tysyanik blogger, of the 150 signatures required for his nomination has collected 147 signatures, walking in their district, and only 3 — via the Internet. Only three of the thousands who read it, picked up the one place where they went and signed up for it. So far as the blogosphere mobilizes? And for what? Write witty koment — yes. And some action in the real world?

Podgol: Let's not compare blogger Lipkovich and, say, a potential presidential candidate Romanchuk. For Romanchuk and tear off and leave behinds. In Lipkovich was clowning a la Kryzhanovsky. So it was perceived by many of my friends and me. Different people react differently. That's the way love is Romanchuk and not just young girls, but also political scientists and economists, who believe in his mind. The same can be said about Neklyaeva, and Sannikov. There is

No team held a share of the "Sign the contract with the fur seals" — "Sign the contract with the proletariat."

people who already love them, and will tear off their behinds if, say, the "Charter" encourages people — go. Of course, will those who are not afraid of losing their jobs and freedom, but they will.

Mabilizavavshy most active tip of the iceberg, our potential presidential candidates do not go to mass. Romanchuk example was plants. But these were all individual outputs.
There was no action that would, for example, shocked or tractor plant MAZ. No team held a share of the "Sign the contract with the fur seals" — "Sign the contract with the proletarian."

DrakakhrustYuri, to you the same questions. Or mobilizes the Internet? And Vladimir said that not everyone has the internet. But then, not everyone reads the newspaper. However, what is written in the newspaper, somehow extend to the whole of society — people are asking anyone who reads the newspapers, that's what. Does such communication, dissemination of information and ideas over the Internet?

Are the people who constantly sit on the internet, opinion leaders?

Chausov:. The fact that you used the turnover "was sitting", confirms that the disappointment was after the company Lipkovich that mobilization did not happen. In principle, the Internet, and as you mentioned the print media — it's just a tool. Tool with the specificity, yet new policy is not very experienced in using them. Necessary

To shake up the workers, for example, a tractor factory, internet unusable.

Internet penetration density is the same as in the U.S., this phenomenon is beginning to fundamentally influence policy.

Now the Internet — not the largest part of the company, it has a certain power of mobilization, but it is not the greate
st. To shake up the workers, for example, a tractor factory, internet unusable.

Candidates are to the Internet as just another major newspaper and this attitude is justified in principle. "People's Will" that support certain candidates, gave them a few thousand signatures, as people come and sign up for picket lines because their favorite newspaper invited. So with the internet there is more than just a variety of thoughts, so take advantage of it this way administrative work.

The example of the fur seals Neklyaeva — very typical for the Internet will remain a candidate who did this to the poor seals.
So the Internet is, the power of his overrated, but potentially high. While politicians did not really use

Drakakhrust: Victor, well, you as the blogger, and a map in hand, to tell how your environment affects the life of the rest of life, for real?

Maliszewski: Do you think that I would say that the Internet is underestimated? And here and there. Breaking away from the Internet in real life is very difficult, almost impossible. To that you have published a blog came out in real life, so it's someone quoted in real life …

Drakakhrust: Victor, you're not only a blogger, and you gazzetchyk. I think that was published in the newspaper more than resonates in society.

Maliszewski: And this is not. Perhaps I disappoint you, but I compared the top 5 sites and 5 top newspapers in terms of circulation. They are the same.

The newspaper has its own rules. In blogs, the Internet does not. Recently, the newspaper stopped, no circulation they do not grow. And the internet is growing, it is gaining momentum. But it really does not mean anything.
I am concerned when I say that people want to fall in love with the president. I do not know. On the Internet people believe that smarter than those who choose.

Many of our candidates take the Internet for life, although it's not the same thing.

In the elections, everything is decided indecisive people. I do not think they are sitting on the internet.

In fact, the Internet is very limited. It is sometimes said that the Internet sitting 3,000,000 Belarusians. But 30% do not sit on the Belarusian sites, about half — people of college age. You may want to narrow down the audience so that the Internet in general will have no effect on anyone.

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