People will be able to see part of Mars

March 1, 2012 18:55

Is imminent significant for astronomers and astrologers of the event: they will see Mars in all its glory. Projected March 3 Red Planet will be in opposition. The opposition — is a point of the orbit, which is easily visible from the Earth, of course, no self-respecting astronomer miss such a rare event. This phenomenon inhabitants Blue Planet have the honor to watch once in 780 days. It is very important from a scientific point of view, because modern technology is gradually being improved, fans Astronautics is growing, so there are more opportunities to explore Mars. People who have watched the red planet, we say that this is very beautiful.

That interest you, you need to tell you what this is a point, which is called the opposition. It is located in front of the planet, which warms us — the Sun. When a sunset, the level height of this point is increasing, and with the onset of midnight having a height of maximum. But it's worth noting that every point is the same as the orbit of the Red Planet and Earth are circular. It is assumed that the opposition will be detached from the planet at a distance of about 97 million kilometers (by American standards 60 million miles).

Astronomers report that on March 3 the distance between the center of Mars, and the mid-point of the Earth will be nearly 111 million kilometers. It is worth noting that in 2012 the inhabitants of the earth will see the 340 meters of the Martian surface, which means that ordinary fans do not even need a telescope, discoveries let scientists do. Will be that much harder to find the desired object. After all, the fact is that when the sun sets, Mars looks luminous, while taking fourth place in the table of brightness. To discover in the sky goal, you need to be oriented to the east.
And yet, despite the fact that Mars is called the Red Planet, the day he will have a white-orange or copper color. Astronomers say that the highest point in the sky he will be at midnight, just at the moment the object is clearly visible. And the thing is, that at this time there will be a least distortion, providing access to view. But if you fail to make time to look at Mars, then do not despair, because in April 2014 he was again "return" to us.

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