People will come — so bring money …


"I think it will be very good for our city to attract more tourists. And we know where the tourists go to town, they bring with them the money that can then be sent to the needs of the city. We only benefit from that."

Girl"I do not think anyone will not lose …"

Her friend: The "brain drain happens when everyone wants to go there, in the European Union more opportunities for people."

Girl"Grodno, as we know, the most European city in Belarus, and will come to us a lot of tourists. And perhaps we are in this to make big money."

Man: "The trade turnover will rise immediately. However, we are not prepared for this travel service. And maybe our people will look at how people live, and then we hung up — we believe that we are living better. We just win."

Woman: "Nothing good comes from it will not. Because today our country is better maintained, as our neighbors. Pavyvozyats all of us. Anything good it will not. Look, and now the Russians everything they can, are taken from us."

Woman: "We have a very cultural city — let people watch. And due to this, and our budget better. So let the people go to health".

Man: "I think it will be good both for them and for us who live on the border …"

His friend: "Maybe even our economy will rise at the expense of investments that will bring …"

Man: "I think it will only be a plus for our city. Will buy goods that are produced by our industry."

Man: "To us the money will come as a real tourist town. We will go to foreign currency, people will want to buy something. A fear that our people will leave — not worth it. Main thing that drove us here …"

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