Pervomajskij Vitebsk police department arrested the flag Ales Golovan

Vitebsk activist, who was detained yesterday on suspicion of a criminal offense, today called the police. Any crime the police are no longer remembered. Only said that the seized yesterday a white-red-white flag while Alexander Golovan not give.

Ales Halavan says that last night and wasted spent three o'clock on the First Department of Internal Affairs, and today nothing went there. He was summoned for questioning alleged, but in his study, where he was sent, there was no one. Then the attendant told the guy to go to the ideological department of the district police station, where everyone was surprised his visit.

The activist had hoped to pick up his white-red-white flag, which he took yesterday as a "material evidence". After all, if a criminal suspect it no longer, and that the evidence is not necessary.

However, the police inspector Sergei Sadovsky, which had to wait at some meeting, said that the flag will remain in police custody for another 10 days — ostensibly for a check.

Ales Halavan believes that the calculation of the policemen is simple: in 10 days campaign to end petition. And the flag under which the activist collecting signatures near Polotsk fair, there will be this time stored in the police, and not attract the attention of passers-by.

However, one of the action teams Ales Mikhalevich, Vitaly Rymashevsky and Gregory Kastusiou believes that its picketing to find new white-red-White Flag — not a big problem.


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