Physical effects of the Pyramids

September 27, 2012 23:22

French scientist Jacques Bergier, who studied the effect of different spatial forms on biological materials, built a cardboard model of the pyramid and put the bull's blood. After a while it was divided into two substances — light and dark. Other scholars have made sure that the model of the pyramid long stored perishable foods. Pendulum suspended above the top of the model deviates to one side or rotates slowly around the top. Strange behavior and plants. First, they tend to the east, and then describe a semi-circle, moving from south to west. Czech inventor Charles Drbal in 1959 adapted a similar model for self-sharpening of razor blades, and received a patent for an invention is unusual. According Drbal, he shaved with the same blade, placing it into a model for the night, more than two thousand times! It is believed that the pyramid shape focuses the cosmic energy …

When the French Bowie visited the Great Pyramid, he noticed in the Tomb of King in garbage cans dead cats and other small animals who accidentally wandered into a pyramid, and died there, their bodies looked pretty strange to feel no smell and no noticeable signs of decomposition. Surprised by this phenomenon, Bowie examined the bodies and found that they were dehydrated and mummified, despite the humidity in the room> (N.Nepomnyaschy <In the footsteps of giants>).

<Bowie interested, what is the cause of this remarkable phenomenon. Assuming that all matter in the form of a pyramid, he made a wooden model of the pyramid of Cheops, the side of the base is 90 inches, and it is strictly oriented to the north. Inside the pyramid at one third the height he put the cat just died. A few days later mummified corpse. Bowie then experimented with other organic materials, in particular those under normal conditions rapidly deteriorate, such as bovine brain. Products are not spoiled, and Bowie concluded that the shape of the pyramid has miraculous properties> (ibid.).

This result was further confirmed experimentally by other researchers.

We note here that in the views of the ancient Egyptian mummification of dead bodies was crucial to save his soul, and her ascension to heaven (with which were directly related to the pyramid, including the Giza plateau) …

<… In the layers of the pyramids has plunged the oil viscosity, and thus the increased production rate of return wells> (ibid.).

<… What's going on in the pyramid with salt crystals. They … for some reason start very rapidly, becoming the most advanced forms> (ibid.).

<… Tried to grow up in a pyramid … garnet crystals used in laser technology. But at the first experiment, suddenly lost all crucibles, in which lay the charge. Then a few more. It was found that the treated charge gets the pyramid more commensurate with the estimated energy … Fired some very expensive platinum-iridium crucibles before scientists figured dramatically lower the temperature crystal pulling from the melt. It turned out that the new crystals have some special spectrum. Where did it unprecedented line, no one could explain> (ibid.).

<Diamonds synthesized from graphite, which lay in a pyramid … for about a week, get a cleaner and harder than usual, and more perfect in form> (ibid.).

<In his <The first practical book pyramids> Norman Stark published a report of the Institute of Water and Soil Science, Agricultural University of Arizona. This report describes all the different properties of normal and irradiated in a pyramid of water. Running water, placed in the night in a pyramid, significantly improved its quality. This phenomenon is confirmed by the medical professionals, it was reported that water in some cases even had a healing effect on the stomach. He also noticed that the water, absorb the energy of the pyramid, it tastes like pure spring> (ibid.).

It was also found a strong influence of the shape of the pyramid to the electromagnetic field. This effect, which is quite possible, was the cause of the failure of the recent attempts to search for unknown voids inside the Great Pyramid by electromagnetic sounding. Pictures obtained by probing the researchers were unable to decipher due to the strong distortion of the signals passing through the pyramid.

Although modern physics can not explain the so-called <pyramid effects>, its study has now brought very serious scientists. For us it will be important only certain specified properties of the pyramids.

In particular, it was found that is important, not only the shape of a pyramid, but its proportions and orientation of the pyramids to the cardinal.

<Pyramid different angles and different structure (eg, a dome) also generate energy. However, the model of the pyramid of Cheops, according to preliminary data, in this sense is the most powerful. Rapid dehydration it can even kill small animals. This effect occurs only when the energy is concentrated in the cosmos as a beam, which is attracted by the magnetism of the earth. Pyramid only need to place precisely on the north-south axis, because the magnetic fields have exactly this orientation> (ibid.).

In addition, as shown by numerous studies, the maximum effects are seen in the geometric center of the pyramid and its apex.

Note that the geometric center of the Great Pyramid ends Grand Gallery — one of the most impressive and well executed <details> pyramid. Here begins a horizontal passage in the so-called <King's Chamber> abounding multiple obscure parts: vertical drop, the grooves in the walls, granite bridge, etc.

On the other hand, it is at the top of the Great Pyramid, according to Egyptian mythology, it was the most important element — the stone Ben Ben.

<According to legend, Benben fell from the sky. Unfortunately, he was lost for so long that by the time of accession Sunusereta in 1971 BC, no one could remember his appearance. At this time (the period of dynasty XII) in memory preserved only that he was in the form of a pyramid. This and all subsequent geometry obelisks. A word of Ben-Ben came to mean the so-called <piramidion> or sharp stone, usually placed at the top of the pyramid >> (G.Henkok <Traces of gods>)

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