Play computer games with a thought — its real

October 19, 2011 3:59

Scientists do not cease to amaze the revolutionary developments in the field of computer games. Not yet otshumela controversy about the use of technology Kinect in porn stimulants, as a new, no less interesting idea. What about the fact that you can not control the game character with manipulators and keyboard, just by thinking? It sounds, at least, fantastic!
Australian, American and, of course, British scientists (which without them, then?) Have developed a new device for playing video games that you can play with "the power of thought." The new game project called Focus Pocus and a wireless headset technology MindWave electroencephalography. It is attached to the forehead and the ears, the brain analyzes the signals and translates them into commands the computer.

At present, the project of 12 mini-games that can be controlled force the brain. It is worth while garniturka expensive — $ 249 and is only compatible with Windows. While Focus Pocus is used for the treatment of children 7 — 13 years old who suffer attention deficit disorder. Through the game they learn to focus mentally and gradually get used to control your thoughts and actions.

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Control the iPad with a thought

Why so tense that Japanese? He does not suffer from constipation or bloating, it does not hurt anything. He gives the girl's mental commands the screen iPad. And not just the girl, and the sentimental Japanese model! We have already talked about on neyrokontrollere XWave for iPhone, it was now the tablet.
Developed a project of Double Crane and NeuroSky, the application comes with a frontlet. See some nice girls, though, to turn away his back. But you can get them to slowly turn around to face the screen. True, we have to try hard to concentrate and give a mental command. If, however, extremely relax the brain, then she, too, will turn. And gave a gentle kiss. But it looks, well, in Japanese the box.


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