Polling stations should be monitored around the clock


The listener "Freedom" expressed their opposition to advice about the conduct of the election campaign:

"If every applicant will collect 100 000 signatures, it is already campaigning 1.5-2 million voters. How many people hear about the negative mode? Nobody knows. And what will they think of next mode?

Now we must take control of all public polls on the day and night. It is difficult, but necessary. Then the trial oprichniki regime for trough sold conscience. Then the area, ignoring the tanks, guns and secret police. If not us, then who? "

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko call the listener comment:

Anatoly Lebedko

"First, we are all authors, offering the best way to organize the monitoring, control of the counting of votes, crying out to go to the area, call in the first place to come to our office. To say that I'm ready to be an observer, all day and night to stand outside polling the plot. we fix it and we know that in this area we have a surveillance system. Besides, if he says that he is ready to come to the area, we'll give it a flag or banner in hand and we know that it will come at this time the square. Here then is the result. And if it would only deal with some advice to someone, they say, it's them, and that we are — nothing. Visit us and together we will make a deal. "

Music fans of "Freedom" Victor Butoh shared his impressions of the election campaign. He is pessimistic about the possibility of change in the country:

"So it does not appear in a single united opposition in Belarus, which was opposed to the executive with all subordinates. Quite strange choices that do not differ from the previous ones."

Our listeners also pay attention to social issues:

"16 years of Lukashenka's rule, and losses such as the atomic bomb dropped. Here the vodka so many people go! .. In Belarus million, 30 million in Russia. They these people do not want to save. As everyone left. Dying and everything. "

The opinion of the listener comments Chairman of the Social Democratic Party "Community" Anatoly Sidorevich:

Anatoly Sidorevich

"The mass alcoholism was not born today. Older people remember that even before the war went on sale cheap wine, the so-called" ink. "

Country in which the school textbook is more expensive bottle of ink, already in any case can not be called social. Country in which the student has to give for books that are not in the library, much of his scholarship, can not be called social.

Belarus — a country in which there is no prospect for a significant portion of people. It is therefore not surprising that 20% of young people want to leave Belarus and go abroad. Who can not escape emigration saved vodka. "

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