Pollution of water bodies in the Russian Federation for the year was a little more — MOE

MOE notes an increase in the past year, the number of incidents of water pollution by hazardous substances in Russia, compared with 2011.

"Thousands of cases registered 2.45 (for the first ten months of 2012) of pollutants into surface water that is 1.1 times higher than the same period in 2011 (2.09 thousand)," — said in a forecast of the Centre "Antistikhia" on 2013.

According to him, it was also recorded 25 cases of accidental pollution of water bodies.

"The bulk of pollution were wastes of metallurgy, petroleum, pulp and paper industry and utilities. Main pollutants are heavy metals, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and oil" — the document says.

Office informs that on the territory of the Russian Federation is now located 771 Industrial Engineering (industrial waste storage, tail and slurry pits, gidrootvaly, ponds, technological reservoirs) that are filled with waste products, including one unattended (storage pond in the Voronezh region ).

The most dangerous and emergency of them are on the territory of Tuva (mine tailings "Tuvakobalt" career as a rap Tenrlig Khaya), Sverdlovsk (GTS ash disposal of JSC "TGC-9"), Orenburg (slurry tank № 1 OJSC "Novotroitsk plant of chromium compounds), Yaroslavl (ponds drives of CTB them. Mendeleev), Vologda (pond storage in Falcon) regions as well as in Kabardino-Balkaria (JSC "Tyrnyauz GOK).

"These objects have a lot of waste containing heavy metals, cyanides, fluorides, and other", — stated in the forecast.

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