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October 18, 2011 13:55

There are phenomena, which are fascinating, and frightening at the same time. These include a poltergeist. Translated from the German "poltergeist" means "noisy ghost", and often this phenomenon manifests itself in the fact that they themselves are flying objects, there are unpleasant smells, a hail of falling rocks, something knocks or rattles, spontaneous combustion occurs suddenly broken furniture, swing open the doors and windows.

Modern poltergeist has all of these features, to which are added to the new high-tech pranks products, such as unscrewing the light bulb out of the socket and the simultaneous collection of multiple phone numbers. Poltergeist usually lasts from a few hours to a few months, all of a sudden starting and ending so suddenly. It rarely happens when no one is home, and usually occurs when there is a certain person. That is probably a poltergeist tied to people, and out of place, and can follow them everywhere.

The first reports of poltergeist phenomenon related to ancient Roman times, and then they are found in medieval documents from Germany, China and Wales reported poltergeist continues today come from all over the world. Since 1890 poltergeist variety of methods of mental phenomena studied by researchers and parapsychologists.

Although poltergeist may seem disruptive and dangerous, it rarely causes serious harm to someone. Essentially it is like a child requiring attention, good-natured at heart, which is not able to understand what can cause his actions. If you are able to understand and correct the cause of his discontent, he immediately stops his antics. Many researchers believe that paranormal phenomena feature poltergeist proof of its existence.

In the absence of people in the room or at the time of their sleep anomalies are usually terminated, in the evening, when all the houses, poltergeists increases. And the presence of strangers in the house, both guests and researchers did not prevent the riot "noisy spirit" to continue. If people are trying to escape from the anomalous phenomena, go into the next apartment or temporarily move in with relatives, anomalies often beset the family or its individual members, and the new place of residence. When returning home poltergeist victims anomalies resumes.

It seems that everything is so far away from us. But many unexplained phenomena happening around us. This is evidenced by letters from our readers.

Terms of classic poltergeist — unexplained incidents like someone leprosy or malicious act, one man, around which everything in the ground and is, finally, some circumstances in the past, which can be considered the primary cause of the event.

Elizabeth Demin


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