Powerful extinguish forest fires near Athens the night before elections

 Powerful extinguish forest fires to the south-east of Athens, on Sunday night, when the country's parliamentary elections are scheduled, said fire department of the country.

Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikramenos is operating center fire in Athens and watching the fight with the fire department reported.

The fire threatened several settlements in Keratea, 40 kilometers from Athens. No house was hurt seriously, but burned 25 cars owned by a large company for the production of ice cream. When extinguishing fire injured two firefighters, their condition is stable.

In the area of Palea Fokea, 44 kilometers from the capital to the south of the first fire, evacuated a nursing home. Until darkness was partly localize three fires northeast metropolitan area of Attica.

Fires strong wind blows. As night was interrupted by the use of fire-fighting aircraft.

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