Prague has a Belarusian conductor

Two students at Charles University in the Czech Republic created a map of the Belarusian places in Prague. Map "Belarusian Prague" was published with the financial support of the Embassy of Belarus.

Where in Prague is a monument to Francis Scorina? Where to worship the graves of Presidents BNR? Where is the embassy of Belarus? Previously Belarusians towards these goals were often confusing paths and many questions. Now would be a good source of advice card, which was co-created two Belarusian students at Charles University — Pavel Kotov, future historian, and Dmitry housing, who is studying for a cartographer.

Map this weekend was presented in one of Prague's cafés. She went edition 1110 copies. The authors present 22 Belarusian address — with a brief historical information, photos and linked to the transport scheme of Prague. A number of addresses associated with historical events, combined Belarusians and the Czechs since the time of ON. Many addresses are added Prague's streets personalized content: map tells you where to find the house in which they lived Larissa Heniyush, Michael Zabeyda-Sumitsky or Vasil Bykov …

Map out with the financial support of the Embassy of Belarus in the Czech Republic and is free of charge. The group, which has rallied around the initiators of publication, has also decided to offer fellow tour of the Belarusian places of Prague. Contact with experts Belarusian Prague is through e-mail:

One of the authors of maps "Belarusian Prague" Dmitry housing and Belarusian ambassador to the Czech Republic Vasily Markovich

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