Presidential candidates intercede for New Life

Potential presidential candidates Vital Rymasheuski, Nikolai Statkevich Nyaklyayeu, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Andrei Sannikov, Alexei Mikhalevich and Gregory Kastusyou signed a petition in defense of the church "New Life" and defended the right to freedom of religion.

"The bank account of the church arrested, cut all communications (including electricity and water), at any time against the pastor of the church can be excited Criminal cases omnibus Criminal Code — for refusing to submit to the demands of officials for failing to implement the decisions of courts, the pollution of nature on a large scale, "- the statement says.

Subscribers call on the authorities to stop the pressure on the pastor and parishioners of the church "New Life" and ensure that the constitutional right to freedom of conscience.

This appeal will be forwarded to the Administration of the President, the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, the Commissioner for Religious and Ethnic Affairs, the office of the OSCE in Republic of Belarus, The European Parliament.

The conflict between the authorities in Minsk and the faithful of the "New Life" continues for 5 years.

In 2005, the faithful of the "New Life" was deprived of the land and the building of the church.

In 2006 they held a post-strike.

The authorities promised to resolve the issue of believers is positive, but after 2 years they lost to the courts in all positions.


"New Life"

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