Prophetic dreams — SOS from the subtle world

"Dreamed exactly is" — we say ourselves sometimes, seeing a bad dream. Then the question arises: "Why would it?" And we, slightly embarrassed, and trying not to show his interest to others (who also wants to pass for superstitious!), Look into the dream book, hoping to find there the interpretation of his dream.

And it turns out that dreamed often directly linked to the health. For example: If you dream is exposed to rain or warm drink muddy water, most of all, sick, had a fire — think that everything was in order with the heart …

The easiest way to dismiss the information. But do not rush! It turns out that there is a science — a sleep. It is a branch of medicine and neuroscience, which studies of sleep and its disorders and their impact on human health. For example, in the Office of the President of the Russian Federation even has a laboratory that studies dreams and their relation to health. It is clear that serious scientists working in a laboratory, accused of superstition and obscurantism unlikely. Now, these scientists say, between the health of the man and his dreams are inextricably linked.

But before we start talking about it, we ask our readers: Have you ever heard anything about Eugene P. flowering? No? And yet it is one of the most interesting writers of the Russian diaspora. He has written several novels and dozens of stories. In 1960 Eugene P. was a member of the Institute of Earth Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and then worked at the Institute Hydroproject, and in the early 70's in charge of the department of physics and chemistry in the journal "Knowledge — the power." Today he is a professor of geophysics at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot name (Israel) and Tel Aviv University, teaches at a private university in New York City. In 1992, Tsvetkov returned to Russia and worked on RTR channel.

Eugene P. abroad involved in the problems of climate. But we are interested in the idea of Tsvetkov, which domestic and foreign media called a window to the future of humanity — the idea of the interpretation of dreams. Enough to remember his book on the subject — "Happy dreams."


In one of the chapters in this book cites Tsvetkov XX century Russian thinker PD Assumption: "The idea of our hands, which have their own memory, his imagination, his own associations. Thinking back, thinking the stomach, each part of the body is independent thinking. But none of these thought processes do not reach our waking consciousness, when the head thinking (which operates mainly in words and visual images) prevails over all other. When it calms down and is able to sleep as it is shrouded in clouds, especially in the deep stages of sleep, immediately take the word of other minds, namely the consciousness of feet, hands, fingers, stomach and other organs, made in us, have their own notions about many objects and phenomena for which we have the appropriate head-concept, and sometimes not … ". Eventually Tsvetkov concludes that dreams — is a kind of disease prevention, coming from the subconscious, and if you learn how to understand the language in which the warning is done, you can resist sneaking up ailment.

It turns out that it is not necessary to treat their dreams lightly. Especially those that are repeated several times. With their help the body sends us a kind of SOS. But we must remember that similar dreams, ever different people, can signal various illnesses — because each case is different. Without the knowledge of the individual psyche and to the conditions of his body, no one can not tell a sleep, which means dream in which the patient sees, for example, got stuck in the narrow opening or taking off into the sky, and then falling down. Speaking abstractly, such dreams warn of lung disease. But … not all patients.

However, EP Flowers offer some general interpretation of various dreams.


So, if you dream of a hospital or a room with white furniture, ask yourself — do you have any lung disease or bronchitis. You often see in a dream or a war, such as gangsters? Check on whether you have a gall bladder. If you have nightmares, during which you have to eat something disgusting, you may want to turn to a gastroenterologist. Patients of the same specialist may be people who dream of twisted tree roots, tied in a knot rope snarl. About bowel disease sometimes say in your dreams naked body with relief muscles.

Did you eat raw meat in a dream? Encounter problems with the liver. But pictures of natural disasters — a sign of the disease spleen.

"Heart, you do not want peace!" — Sung in the old song. In fact, the heart needs a rest, at least, at night he must rest. If you wake up because of the strong heart and remember that in the dream on your chest dropped a large rock, it is not shelving them make an appointment with a cardiologist. Toad sitting on your chest, may be a symptom of the same name by the disease — angina pectoris (angina).

Those who threatened vascular disease legs can be seen in a dream that walk barefoot in the snow, or bogged down in the mud. A spine and joints register their trouble, if in the world of dreams you have to carry on your back, for example, sacks of potatoes or even roll on itself someone heavy. And he is, grinning and even urge you, as if a workhorse.

You dreamed something offensive? Someone cursed you for anything, accused of all mortal sins? Perhaps seeing the dream, you have pogrippovat. And if you dream about going on a snowy street almost naked and freezing, stocked cold medicine!

People with urological diseases often concerned about dreams, which have to sit on the cold stone or ice. However, patients can send subliminal urologist and a voyage — but they will suffer from motion sickness.

Dreaming in dark colors when everything is absorbed in dense fog, visit people with diseases of the brain.

Creatures of a different reality

In general, dreams, warning of various diseases, many. Here are some of them: a bath, hair, hurt your friend, a quarrel with his wife or husband, a naked woman, bed, raw meat, bad teeth … And this is not a complete list. Lost a tooth — the death of a friend, if the loss of the tooth followed by bleeding — could die relative.

By the way, after seeing one of these dreams, messengers, you can tell your subconscious to work for your good. The next night, going to bed, ask yourself the question of why the impending illness and ask them to come to you in a dream answer, and fell asleep, mentally repeat: "Now I see the dream, from which we learn the cause of his illness."

But there still needs to take into account that the same dream for the sick and the healthy person can be interpreted in different ways. In particular, the EP Tsvetkov says that "fly high among the stars for the patient — to death, and for health — to the rise, glory or conceit … To sit at the table with the king (president, leader): sick — to death, and healthy — to separation."

In general, the interpretation of dreams — a thankless task. Perhaps, that's why the ancients called stoning pythonesses or clairvoyants. After explaining the meaning of the dream, we seem to materialize what exists only in our minds, and that could well be there to stay, we have not sounded this idea. Perhaps, therefore, advises Tsvetkov bad interpreted as good, but to be treated as a good warning. In other words, to penetrate into the subtle world, the product of which they are the prophetic dreams, must be treated with caution.

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