Putins return unwilling European politicians

Putin's return European politicians wantIn Brussels yesterday accomplished Conference "Relations between the EU and Russia after the presidential election in 2012." The conference, which was accomplished immediately after the end of the yearly EU-Russia summit, open a discussion issues in Russian-European relations in the context of the upcoming presidential elections RF, United States and France.

"We have a deep-rooted partnership — said Sven-Olav Carlsson, Deputy. Director of the department RF the European Commission. — Almost all accomplished, but much remains to be done to us, together. This is especially true for cooperation in the field of international security and politics. Our homeland is not only a strategic partner in Europe, and our neighbor. Joining Russian Federation to the World Trade company is crucial for all partners, especially for EU. But the feeling is created, you need to strengthen our cooperation and develop business. "

South American, European and Israeli public figures and politicians who took part in the conference, many times stressed that the possible return to the presidency of Vladimir Fishing season is promised stability. Present was rising and the theme for violations carried out in Russia in the parliamentary elections, but, as stated Anthony Salvia, South American expert, he is "still not beheld some reports to help you talk about the massive fraud." Anthony Salvia credit for the Russian prime minister and puts that "Our homeland was able to accumulate large reserves and pay off external debts. Managed to do this precisely because of Putin."

Expectations of a certain circle of politicians in Europe against a possible return of V. Fishing season the presidency is not just associated with stability. "We realize that the economy EU inseparable from the Russian. Vladimir Vladimirovich has already gone down in history as the man who did not allow the collapse of the RF. We pin our hopes that Fishing season also remembered as a man to avoid the breakdown EU"- Such a bold prediction was made by Ricardo Migliori Vice-President of the OSCE PA.

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