Qualcomm has officially confirmed that support GLONASS

Qualcomm has confirmed that the Russian satellite navigation system GLONASS support all mobile devices and platforms Snapdragon S2 Snapdragon S3. Chipsets these families are dual-system, meaning they can work with GPS and GLONASS, said in a statement on its Web site. However, the final decision on whether to include the device support of the Russian system of producers. Reported that the satellites of the GLONASS based device Snapdragon address in the case where the GPS signal is not strong enough. This scheme allows you to save battery power and increase the positioning accuracy of up to two meters. Chipsets from the series S2 and S3 are made on 45-nanometer process and are used in smartphones and tablets BlackBerry, HP, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, Sony Ericsson and other companies. Qualcomm also noted that GLONASS will support 28-nanometer chip sets S4, which will be released in 2012. Work with GLONASS can also some communication chipsets Qualcomm — in particular, MDM6610, which is used in the smartphone iPhone 4S. The number of staff is 30 GPS constellation, and GLONASS — 24 satellite.

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