Question to the President of the Russian Federation: To be or not to be airborne?

The 80th anniversary of the Airborne Troops ignored by the President and the Minister of Defense. They did not want to meet with Marines and even sent a commonplace in such cases-duty greetings to the participants of the jubilee concert in the Kremlin Palace, where on July 31 this year was attended by about 5,000 people, including 28 Heroes of the Russian Federation, defended at the time of the collapse of the Fatherland (in the Chechen campaigns), and the humiliation (in the operation to force the Georgian president to the world).

The anniversary of every pochetaemogo, Honored Artist of Russia booked more attention than thirty thousandth anniversary of the kind of troops, who earned respect of the people of. It turns out there's a reason such "forgetfulness" — rumors of reform, and the actual dissolution of the Navy, and relocating are confirmed and concretized. This event explains almost everything.

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation DA Medvedev finally eliminate the airborne troops and jointly with the relieve of responsibility for the use of its operational and strategic reserve due to the lack of such. With all of this in the initiators of the "deliverance" to the same chance arises to assure control of the country in the utility of military reform in the performance of the Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

Indeed, the newly created Strategic Commands "suddenly, out of nowhere," there are combat-ready group of troops that can be, and to threaten the enemy, and senior military governor to show at least a kutsee time while landing connections will not drop to the level of the overall strategic impotence.

We understand the objective of the military reform and initially supported her plan. Elimination of unnecessary administrative links and optimization of the entire management structure at lowering the threshold of independence tactical units were inevitable. But the plan to run the distance of tremendous size. Until now, Mr. Makarov could not produce any visible 1st good result from the objectives stated first reform the Russian Armed Forces, including:

Contrary to expectations decreased effectiveness and efficiency of management units, units and divisions. The reasons for this are very low operational and technological training, also controls unharmonized top to bottom. Well, where sim term come from, if these controls are shaking up every year for the last 3 years. With all of this the number of hierarchical authorities did not decrease as declared emperor Nikolai Makarov, as in the case of airborne compounds is greatly increased, blurring the responsibility for the final result;

of newly formed permanent readiness brigades there is not one truly combat-ready and prepared. The main reason for this — a very weak training Most personnel departments. The Ministry of Defence was unprepared for the transition to the year of service at the call of a fighter: There is no adequate methods and programs from training and modern training facilities, no internal legal institutional and regulatory documents that are adequate to the new realities and conditions of service;

in the Armed Forces no masterly equipped military unit. Contract service plans fell through because of the unavailability of inability and unwillingness to control Mobilization of the General Staff, GUVR, GAM to organize training and recruitment of people for contract service (VV Smirnov and Nikolay Pankov), to ensure the normal combat training, also in the service of the troops garrisons and units (Makarov). Economic judgment is not in this case — in the country enough money and people wanting for the same funds to serve the Fatherland, exclusively in normal legal and domestic criteria;

not appeared in recent years is not expected, declared the Minister of Defense, effective institution of junior commanders. Destruction of the system of military training at the Defense Department does not want to recover "by magic" N. and N. Makarova Pankov. With all of this in the Ministry of Defence no one involved in the organization of pre-conscription training students in state universities, in other words the same recruits — possible junior commanders, only matured during the study and expertly prepared by specialized military occupational specialties;

barracks bullying and hazing have become even more sophisticated and more angry. Contractors and conscripts various appeals are in the same unit, often in the same barracks. By "non-statutory" joined by inter-ethnic conflicts in the army. Education officers whose function is to form a healthy moral and psychological climate in the barracks, reduced first. In the absence of routine military training in the subdivision will inevitably lack of criteria and impartial evaluation of the place, role fighter and sergeants in the collective willingness of the team and its members to defend the Fatherland. It was then that the main aspect of evaluation and self-evaluation is the life with all its consequences;

failed to return to the system of military-patriotic education of young people and their preparation for military service, including in military occupational specialties. Mobilization of the General Staff were not (at the transition to the annual lifetime) are developed and advertised educational standards and the standards of the recruit by MAS. These standards are not known today. Accordingly, there is no legal basis for licensing additional education institutions offering pre-conscription training (this is the responsibility Vladimir Smirnov). Claimed the creation of the Interagency Committee (responsible Anatoly Serdyukov) April 22, 2009. at a meeting of the State Council in the city of Ryazan, and in the instructions of the President and remain committed — nor of the 1st meeting of the commission, as such, is not carried out and no 1st normative document specifically from the pen of the commission did not appear. The fruit of fruitless efforts, not the Department of Defense and the Interagency Commission, and by unauthorized DOSAAF Central Council of — "The concept of a federal system of Russian Federation to prepare people for military service for the period up to 2020" (Decree number 134R from 03.02.2010.) — not according to the order agreed with non-federal ministries, does not make the organizational and monetary device for the job.

The training of people for military service continues to deteriorate, because such statements and documents, the fruit of irresponsibility and hope for the center, only bureaucratic discourage people on the ground.

In the Russian Armed Forces Supreme Commander in reserve until now remained group (branch) — Airborne troops, that kept the combat readiness and combat capability, sufficient to respond to the local frisky, at one point there is a danger of state security. And we had hoped that the Airborne troops will remain in the hands of the military and political control of the country that stock, which has permitted to correctly and promptly respond to the challenges before the positive results and the analysis of shortcomings of military reform. Again, the strategy and plan of reform we have always maintained, because they correspond to contemporary realities, challenges and threats, but very clumsily executed and irresponsible. Airborne units and formations, through decisions of the President and the Secretary of Defense stated in 2007 and 2008. to a lesser extent than other types and kinds of troops were affected by destructive activities stalled military reform. But apparently this particular event serves as a living reproach to the creators and performers of creation "of a new branch of the armed forces" and they decide to correct the situation. Prepared Directive, according to which Command Airb
orne is a division of the Head of the Land Forces Command (administrative body, not in possession of operational functions), and airborne units and almost removed from the reserve, and the particular submission of the Supreme Commander (General Staff) Armed Forces and transferred to the operational command of the strategic directions of the "North" "West" and "South", "East".

From that of "castling" Our homeland is the subsequent results.

1.Voennye. Forces are deprived of a highly mobile, combat-ready, the operational group of forces capable of without the help of others, with the support of the Air Force to decide at one point emerging operational tasks in local conflicts outside of the Russian Federation or in remote isolated areas, where in fact now (and in the near future) rich Russian government, its bureaucrats and oligarchs. Supreme Commander of the General Staff, and lose the opportunity to strengthen and unsafe areas close to their operational and strategic reserve. The assertion that the strategic commands will be able to independently solve these puzzles in the presence in their structure of individual compounds Navy and Army Air Corps (hereinafter provided for the formation of massive helicopter Connects) is controversial and unfounded. In 1-x, and it is not clear yet, when they formed a massive helicopter compounds capable to transfer and to support combat operations troops act, at least in part of a team or Airborne Division. In-2-x, strategic commands no mobile assets and staff team Fri, cooked to the transfer and deployment in the areas of implementation of the landing outside the Russian Federation or in remote isolated areas to control the actions of units landing. B-3, in the strategic commands have no means of feeding and supplies (ammunition, food, fuel), the right landing troops for combat operations outside the Russian Federation or in remote and isolated areas. B-4, now there is no knowledge or experience (or soon will be) planning, transfer, management and combat support operational landings — and it is solid and self-contained section of the military art. C-5's, when more in the foreseeable future, sufficient transport and combat helicopters, why strategic command one or two permanent readiness brigades are not ready for use as an operational or tactical helicopter landing on the basis of certain criteria, evaluation of the situation and possible threats at the theater or otherwise.

2. Military and political. For whom and why the Security Council and the President of the Russian Federation made in 2010. signed by the concept of national security and the Military Doctrine of Russian Federation? Article 11 of the Concept of "Attention international policy in the long term will be focused on the possession of sources of energy, including the Middle East, the Barents Sea and in other areas of the Arctic, the Caspian Sea basin and Central Asia. The negative impact on the international situation in the medium term will be as before to render the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, conflicts in the Middle East, in a number of countries in South Asia and Africa, on the Korean peninsula. " And then verse 12, "In the conditions of a competitive struggle for resources are not excluded address emerging problems with the use of military force — can be disrupted existing balance of forces near the borders Russian Federation and those of its allies." With all of this military doctrine requests from the General Staff to "choose the direction of rational development of the Armed Forces and other troops, forms and methods of their implementation, based on the forecasts of the military-political situation, the military threats and military threats …". And then Doctrine stipulates that "… the formation of the Russian Armed Forces can be used operationally outside of Russian Federation in accordance with the recognized principles and norms of international law, international treaties, Russian Federation and federal laws."

Knowing the status of units and constant readiness, hunting N.Makarova ask: what are the forces and means, what operational units now provide to respond to these threats and challenges? Or not provided at all? Then, for what and for whom Russian President approved the "Concept" and "Doctrine"?

3. Geostrategic. If there are no prophets in their own homeland, so look carefully, gentlemen, how to build the armed forces of our partners. Through military reforms in the past 20 years have been the majority of the army of NATO, the United States. China, the former Soviet republics. Everywhere there is the formation of mobile components — specifically, a subordinate military-political management of self-Operative Group, strengthening its role and weight in the overall structure of the Armed Forces.
Today's (Obama's) U.S. defense budget makes clear to understand that the military future of America lies in the "expeditionary combat operations." Of South America, the Marine Corps (175 thousand). Stationed at overseas bases and ships, ready at any moment to take in their role. For operations in the Middle East, the Pentagon has the 18th Airborne Corps, which comes in four divisions, three brigades, Dep. regiment and part of the software. The total number of 90 thousand people. These associations troops own administrative and operational autonomy.
NATO forces are formed frisky reaction force 25 thousand people. The purpose of the new operative associations, particularly the subordinate commander in chief of NATO forces, in the words of NATO Secretary General: "to reassure the country that are experiencing growing apprehension about Russia."

However, our general staff, as usual in Russia, its own special way — to show the world an example of how not to carry out reforms. Our homeland is losing its national treasure — combat-ready and unique in its own strategic and tactical mobility troops, which had not, and still will not have a long-term, no army in the world. Apart from the Airborne Forces to respond to the remote local calls in the Russian Federation there is no other military instrument

Fifteen years back (Our homeland while experiencing "time of troubles"), playing "chess Eurasia" Brzezinski wrote that "without having the ability to move troops over long distances in order to impose their own political will and very behind in terms of technology from America, our homeland and China do not have the means to constantly exert political influence in the world … ". Now China already has the opportunity, and it's time to bring back the Russian Federation, including the build-up of groups BTA. Let me remind you that the only useful only day two compounds in the Navy in 1968, so take a parachute and planned facilities in the region. Prague and Brno. In 1979. 103 Guards. and 345 Guards Airborne Division. Parachute per day taken all government and administrative offices in the Afghan capital Kabul and provided a planned invasion of that country. Without going into the political sense, in the military-technical and operational terms it was the brilliant military operation. Neither WEC 18 or U.S. Marine Corps can not boast of anything similar. Very quickly, decisively, and excellent acting of the Navy, protecting the integrity and interests of the Russian Federation to the localization of all the armed conflicts in the past 2-decades.

Of course, that when all other criteria being equal amphibious units and an order of magnitude more mobile than the other as in the movements of the theater of operations, as well as on the battlefield, their tactics and methods are more modern and better meet the conditions of local conflicts. These advantages will inevitably lost if projects Forces Chief of General Staff will be realized.

4. Social and political. Marines Navy veterans, the public organization of veterans of airborne and always
have been priklnny to state power, considering themselves part of the country, his intercessors. The Charter of the "Union of Russian Paratroopers' recorded a provision prohibiting the entry of" Union "in political parties and the impossibility of receiving a" Union "of organizations pursuing political goals in the choice of a consolidated party individuals — members of the" Union. " This allowed the "Union of Russian Paratroopers" to preserve the unity, cohesion and corporate to become a truly mass and competent all-Russian organization that is able to protect its members and defend the interests of his own company. But it should be noted that the practical implementation of the decision to disband the Airborne Troops and their transfer and units subordinate to ground commanders will cause a negative reaction, not only the 30,000 airborne troops and the army of thirty thousand members of the "Union of Russian paratroopers," and the entire audience of two million able-bodied men between the ages of 20 and 50-60 years old, or when serving in the Navy. This protest has already materialized in the web. Some perceive this "hand" as a sign of the sample to "merge Russia," meaning its helplessness in the face of "militant Saakashviley." It is necessary to wait for a significant growth in the ranks "of the Union of Russian Paratroopers' organizations and solidarity landing with a sharp and sustained surge of opposition sentiment in relation to the mandatory municipal and military authorities: the President, the Government, the Ministry of Defence. And they need it …?

5. The moral and psychological. Transfer of disparate units and units under the authority of several airborne, certainly responsible and self-sufficient superiors impartially destroy decades of evolving and prove the highest efficiency system of education and training of the personnel of these forces. This factor had never taken into account the General Staff. But, the reality of an impartial, given the General Staff of the senses, is not eternal. If the military-technical and operational point of view, you can still find controversial and unsubstantiated arguments in favor of a "distribution" of compounds, and different parts of the Navy Commanders, the argument is the "distribution" lose all sense of taking into account the damage to morale and combat capability of the personnel parachute Airborne units. Specifically, due to this factor, our homeland has the ability to be proud of the victories and achievements of his own army.

Science is clear that a person uses his own brain capacity by only 3-4% of his other nerve cells are "asleep". Scientists say that the greatest gift to her child ancestors are able to do if they can his mind, his brain to give confidence: "I can not …!". In this condition, the baby (in an adult too, but less) to cut one job even some additional part of its nerve cells, increasing intelligence, willpower and physical abilities. In the Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation since the days of the Soviet Union almost all intuition VF Margelov, has developed a unique way and has taken root in the minds of a young officers and young fighter (almost the same kids — boys at school) this very understanding, "I can not …!". This method, which became the system is transferred to the traditions of the troops, in the program "combat and political training", a graduate of the Ryazan Airborne School, through overcoming fear of parachute jumps, a corporate solidarity and responsibility not only for themselves, and "for the troops "through the signs of assault compounds through the slogan," No one, except us, "and a lot of other things, sometimes inexplicable: air assault complex polygon class barracks. Let that understanding is not given to every paratrooper, but even a quarter of unit to that unit leads the other. The last decades have revealed that a lot of good examples: Afghanistan, Chechnya, Yugoslavia, Georgia — that's far incomplete list of hot wars, in which the smallest number of Marines bore the brunt of a sharp and responsible operations and battles. In the last decade, after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, 100 of them were heroes Russian Federation (50% posthumously). This system of training and education impartially collapse. Its impossible to keep without Airborne Command, without their own schools, without the human and organizational mobilization bodies without the educational system without a tradition of military and airborne training, no tradition of brotherhood landing troops and veterans.

Recall the words of the Spartan King Leonidas (the leader of the 300 Spartans), spoken by one of the Macedonian kings before the battle with the Persians at Thermopylae: "… I have warriors, and you shepherds — you do not stand for" (talking about 300 warriors and army of 10,000). So with assault connections to two years after the implementation of this directive: warriors, standing in battle a hundred thousand army inevitably turned into 30,000 "shepherd." Impartially all goes to.

Now Ryazan Airborne School is no longer subordinated to the command Airborne. It became part of the faculty in the landing of a formless Army training center (Combined Arms Academy). Command Airborne suspended from pre-conscription training for young people and to appeal to the Navy — is currently on WMD military districts. Informally, "Union of Russian Paratroopers' struggles to reconcile to graduate youth clubs landing profile, prepared and willing to serve in the Navy, have called these troops. Now the operational and combat training of paratroopers will be engaged in by those who brought their units and to the "limited-combat-ready" state.

First and second steps up to the "I can not …!" Already made in accordance with the directives of the General Staff, which for the command of the Airborne Forces have the force of law. Let's go further or stop? It is too late to do and step back. What is needed is the will of the military and political control of the country.

Not only the dissolution, and the weakening of the Russian Airborne Troops weakens, deprives it of the ability to "impose its political will on others" and to defend its national interests. Navy must be kept in constant readiness specifically as a reserve of the Supreme Commander-in particular its leadership with a minimum of hierarchy of command, transmitting his decrees and orders, as functional mobile taskforce forces under a single command that owns administrative (formation, maintenance and training of troops) and operational (planning, operational use and control of troops during the operation) functions.

Pin our hopes that there is still time and the brakes to a serious analysis of all the causes of military reform with the role of Navy, including the above.

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