Questions calling for Spring 2012 in the Russian army

The reform of the Russian army already which year did not go to day or agenda not only in the Ministry of Defense, and on various discussion sites. With all of this quite often for one and the same table can sound diametrically reverse representations expressed about the need to develop the Russian Armed Forces.

For example, in the framework of the meeting nedavneshnego international discussion club "Valdai" formed in 2004, it is a fascinating outlook expressed member of the Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on Defense Konstantin Makienko. This world view is that the Russian army is already beginning to make an impression about the intensity of the exercise and for this indicator should reach the level of the USSR 80s, but it turns out, the Armed Forces is an urgent need to reduce at least another 40%.

Makiyenko motivated by the fact that the Russian Federation is currently not truly combat-ready troops, and was left alone whether the nuclear shield, which at the very least gives us the opportunity to keep their borders from foreign aggression. And if the combat capability of leaves much to be desired, then, they say, so why take off our shoes to fund an army … In the rest of the pochetaemy expert said that the army in modern conditions have the maximum forms the replenishment of the young, to call in the North Caucasus republics, as specifically Caucasian men are highly pre-conscription training.

With all due respect to the professional Konstantin Makienko his position looks very much constructive and not much applicable. Why?

In 1-x, it's hard to see myself, that army country, with a population of over 143 million man collapsed to the level of half a million troops and largely composed of people who represent only the North Caucasus. Even when you consider that the average pre-conscription training young inhabitant of the republics of Ingushetia or Dagestan above average training 18-year-old Voronezhtsev or RYAZANTSEV, this does not mean that it is necessary to subject the call only those who are better prepared. After all, the army of their own destiny — it is not college where you want to pick people who have demonstrated the best possible preparation against others. The call to the Armed Forces and the fact remains appeal, that the allotted time for the service to educate the young people at least the basics of military wizardry to perform certain tasks.

In-2, threats to the Russian Federation, to be honest, does not become smaller in comparison with the Russian Union periodically, so the authorities have allowed myself to spend a radical reduction of the army. Certainly, reducing the number of military personnel can lift severe material resources, but at the time when the modernization of the army, in fact the case, just starting, surprisingly read about the economic benefits per se, so to speak, of the enterprise. Reduce or increase the size of the army of several hundred thousand "bayonets" can be when done all the necessary conditions for its existence and functioning of the developed framework to perform combat missions. For now, if they wanted to, we can not boast that in our Armed Forces, all these difficulties are solved. And so a reduction that is so reduced to historic lows, in modern conditions can directly affect the country's defense.

Is joined to the fact of following the words sovereign Makienko or it's just a coincidence, but for the first time in 20 years was produced call the military service of the Chechen Republic. Each will serve as a conscript in the area of Chechnya in the 46th brigade and regiment named after Akhmad Kadyrov. With all this call indeed caused an unusual excitement on the part of the local population. With 150 places allocated for service to the assembly point came more than a thousand people wanting to become soldiers of the Russian army. As reported by the officers of precast Fri, had to act on the competitive process, selecting only the best for the passage of the best health as well as physical training.

Certainly, the call of young men for military service inside the People's Republic can be called a very positive move by the authorities. This solves several problems at once: Increases the size of the Russian army at a time when many members of the military commissioners they say shortfall, and in addition, removes the issue of ethnic tensions that soon makes severe difficulties in the Armed Forces. Formation of the units in the North Caucasus principle, be based on the appeal of local young people — something very productive.

But at about the same time with the publication of disk imaging on the resumption of the Chechen news agency released a draft materials that look, very little, pretty amazing. The fact is that when calculating the correspondent of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" number called up for military service in the recruitment process, "Spring-2012" has appeared: a thousand conscripts of 31.5 higher than indicated in the presidential decree … How can this be? The same issue has been addressed and the representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, one of whom, General Goremykin, said strength is not exceeded, and reporters simply confuse those who called for those who can still call … The General's logic, of course, of weird, but we are not going with you to think that the "excess" of conscripts due to the fact that someone then the draft board just decided to call someone besides on paper — just in case, resulting in an extra 31.5 a thousand fighters and swam. Of course, we will not …

However, after counting the total number of soldiers of the Armed Forces, which, we must admit, now make a very, very difficult (or because of a military secret, or because of the chaos in the accounting and reporting documents) was that if the "spring bust" was then why as before remains nedokomplekt (about 800 thousand instead of 1 million). Neuzh that triggered the plan that at a meeting of the club "Valdai" Konstantin Makienko voice.

But the weird thing is: we are all aware that the forthcoming reduction of the army in this step is not acceptable, we refer to the official rate of the number of Russian army. But what if the official numbers, which is announced by the Ministry of Defence (800 thousand troops) — it's just empty. All of the problem is that now, perhaps, not a single person in our country does not take up to at least hundreds of people to call the number with you our army. And if this strength unknown to anyone, then, certainly, you can read about anything: even though the reductions, though the doubling — the result can be expected for a long time.

In general, all the reflections on the changing of the Armed Forces and the percentage of ethnic groups inside the Sun will look amazing until such time as the appeal or will become transparent, and the unfortunate war lurking not be finished next screen to deal with personal problems of the people in general's uniform.

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