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The action ended. Participants fold flags.

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19:17 The speakers expressed the view that the action on the day of elections on December 19 will be massive. They say that today's rehearsal was a success.

19:15 Speakers demand freedom Autukhovich and other political prisoners.

19:11 Rymashevski thanks everyone for their participation in the action. He says this is the first step to multiply force and victory. By the CEC was reached only 2 candidates Statkevich and Vitaly Rymashevski.

19:10 IPad for leaf attaches to the requirements of the resolution of the meeting to the plate of the House of Representatives.

Statkevich encouraged to attach signage requirements of the CEC and the House of Representatives.


Column suddenly went to the monument to Lenin in front of the Government House in Independence Square.

Officials said that the CEC is closed. They agree to let three people, so they transferred their requirements. Rymashevski wants to go. Statkevich against the idea.

19:00Paul Sevryaynets said, "Freedom", which is involved in the action of 2-3 thousand people. According to them, the participants — 250 people.

18:59 The demonstrators came to the CEC.

18:55 A spokesman for the city police Alexander Lastouski the question of "Freedom", or let the representatives of the demonstrators in the CEC responded positively. "Yes, although disrupted everything possible to break."

18:50 Column by cries of "Veremey-can-win!", "Lukashenko, go away!" Reached the hotel "Minsk". Militia does not preclude, but asked not to go out on the roadway.

18:45 The column at the building of the KGB. Unidentified plainclothes rounded up protesters and journalists from the steps.

18:40 There are flags organization "Young Democrats".

18:39 The demonstrators were picketing outside Andrei Sannikov in GUM. Representatives Sannikov told that they would not join the procession.

18:37 Go through the underpass under Lenin Street. Near GUM demonstration met the candidate Michalevic, but said he is not involved in the action.

18:30 Independence Avenue manifestovtsy go towards the Independence Square. Handed out to passers-copy circulation to the CEC.


18:25 People are being built, to bring a resolution to the CEC on Independence Square.

Leading the way — people with a banner "Go away." The column starts to move in the direction of the CEC, which is located on Independence Square.


Statkevich announced the resolution of the meeting, there are three requirements:
First to every candidate had a representative on the commission.
The second order canceled early voting.
The third was to count the votes in public.


Paul Seviarynets"They said that today will be 100 people, and we have thousands of them. There are 19 Dec. here will stand the people of Belarus. Lukashenko has come December 19 to October Square and repent to the people of Belarus. "

Seviarynets called on all candidates to include the slogan "Lukashenko — leave" in its promotional materials, as Lukashenko, in his opinion, is not eligible to run.


18:20 Out on the porch of the Palace of Trade Unions Administration spokeswoman. She is outraged that the rally because people can not get to the show.

Nekljaev said that he came not to campaign for himself, and thank you for your support. His poem, which ends with the line "We came to get you beat."

18:15 Rymashevski: Today we begin the fight for the victory. It's time to believe in the power of the Belarusian people without hope in the West and the East.


18:10 On the steps of the Palace of Trade Unions appeared banner "Goodbye." Ibid — soapbox. Present — about a thousand. Began to rally Zmitser Dashkevich"We have gathered to witness the Belarusian people have not forgotten the crime. For it must be answered. Mode keeps on fear. Today we are breaking the stereotype. We give the last warning. Lukashenko, go away! "


Came to the area Nyaklyayeu.

In the square there was a former political prisoner Andrei
. He expressed support for Vitali Rymasheuski. Several hundred people are moving out of the center area of the Palace of Culture of Trade Unions.

On the area of the entire volume of the included screen.

Came presidential candidate Statkevich.

Valery Kalinowski transmits live:

17:55 On the square appeared Igor Karpenko, chairman of the city election commission. He persuades the audience that they are not allowed to campaign here. What Rymashevski replies that the area is not for dictators, and for the people.

Igor Karpenko

17:50 People start chanting "Long live Belarus!".

17:48 Launched the first white-red-white flag. People are slowly going. Now — about 200 people.

17:43 Representatives of the Belarusian Christian Democracy launched a picket on the opposite side of the Square of Independence Avenue. Stand with a flag and a portrait Rymasheuski.

Vitaly Rymashevski.

There presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski, Co-Chair of the BCD Paul Seviarynets, politician Sergei Kalyakin, human rights activist Harry Pahanyaila, a youth activist Nikolai Demidenko.

17:30 Login to October square is free. The demonstrators were unavailable. A lot of operatives with walkie-talkies and athletic men in civilian clothes.

In the courtyards of houses on Engels Street — buses with police and police cars.

November 24 in Minsk is scheduled to meet with Democratic candidates for vbartsami prezedenta. Home is scheduled for 18.00 aktsyi

City officials are not allowed to hold a rally on October Square. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Election Commission warned the organizers of responsibility.

Street action is timed to the anniversary of the constitutional referendum in 1996, in which Alexander Lukashenko extended the presidential term, and significantly expanded the powers of his office.

Before the rally

After the televised candidate warns prosecutors

Lozowick: "The law does not give the right to the presidential candidates of immunity"

Kastusyou can not make it to the area because of TV air

Nikolai Statkevich try to give the prosecutor's warning

Kuleshov: police will behave correctly

Nekljaev come to the area

Police warned. Democratic candidates insist

Rehearsal of Democratic Forces


election campaign, the October

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